Pyxis 2 Released

Well it’s finally happened, the production release of Pyxis 2 is now available on CodePlex (!

Have a look at the video and then read some of the features…

  • Full firmware update support!
  • Over a dozen GUI controls
  • Prompts & Inputboxes
  • Color selection dialog!
  • Auto-scroll option available on Forms
  • App Store
  • Settings Window
  • Enchanced File Finder
  • SD & USB Support
  • Sound support on ChipworkX
  • Launch Apps inside their own threads & domains
  • File open/save dialogs
  • Folder select dialog
  • Multiple modal level support
  • Alpha-blended desktop icons

simply WOW!

Great work!!!

Can Pyxis run on a Domino/Mini/Panda if a micro SD is available?

@ Gus, THANKS! :-[

@ RJ, Not yet. I’m working on finding a suitable LCD for those devices. If you know of one please link me and I’ll get a port together.


And congrats on engadget post:

Thanks for the link I hadn’t seen it yet!

Pyxis2 ROCK!
Excelent works :clap:

What a excellent job! My compliments!
Downloaded it right away, I bet my chipworkx will love it! 8)

A TinyCLR forum client is coming to Pyxis 2…that is all

Wow! That is so cool. Actually I have just installed P2 on my CWX. Trying to program a game for it. :smiley:

Seriously?! That’s great man! What type of game? If it’s tile based or old school adventure style I may have some code I could send your way to help start you off.

It is tile based.
Actually I have two in mind - Lines and Pipes.

Something like:

Not exactly what you’re working on but here’s the first tile animation test I did; maybe it will help.

Got it.

I’m on the last bit of the forum client; so here’s a teaser 8)


Thanks! I’m hoping to be able to do posts by the end of the weekend.

Is there an XML feed you are grabbing somewhere? How is the data getting in other than that if not? HTTP scraping?

I hear there [italic]will[/italic] be an XML feed at some point but for now this is me working with straight HTML.

I would love to see xml and also mobile version of this forum