Prize BrainPad, Trouble using MS Studio Visual and TinyCRL Project System

I recently received a BrainPad as a prize for a competition, but I cannot get MS Visual Studio to accept the TinyCLR BrainPad Program that I downloaded from the GHI Website. I’ve tried using versions 0.1.0 - 0.6.0, but with little luck. I’m fairly new to MS Visual Studio and programming in Visual Basic/CS, so I don’t know a lot about debugging and error log reading.

Here is a photo of the MS Visual Studio after making a new TinyCLR BrainPad CS Application -

I’m sure its a simple problem, but again, I’m very new to Visual Basic and CS, so bear with me.

Here is a photo of the MS Visual Studio Error Log after importing the Application

Can you confirm which version of Visual Studio 2017 you are using. If it is 15.5 or 15.5.1 (the latest update) it looks as thought something has changed in the handling of the NuGet packages and the reference to Core (and possibly other TinyCLR references) is not being mapped. There are a number of references to this on Visual Studio 2017 blogs but no solutions offered at this stage. I am seeing the same errors for existing TinyCLR 0.6 applications, and the problem exist if creating a new TinyCLR app via “New Project”.

This is indeed something we discovered that broke in 15.5. We have it fixed for the coming release. In the mean time, unfortunately, the only fix is to manually add <DisableHandlePackageFileConflicts>true</DisableHandlePackageFileConflicts> to the first PropertyGroup in the csproj (or vbproj as appropriate) for each project.

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Ok, thank you. I was indeed using the latest version of MS Visual (15.5.1). I am going to add that line and see if that helps.