Why are my class name and the void keyword invalid?

Hi everyone,

I wanted to start exploring TinyCLR OS. I followed the instructions ( at least I think I did ) and I was able to start a new TinyCLR Application and install the devices Nu Get package from a local directory.

But I can’t use it yet because of this:

Also when I hover over “void” I get:

“Predefined type System.Void is not defined or imported.”

What’s going on? It seems super fundamental to have Objects and Void defined. I’ve never had to deal with it before. Even in this install of VS 2017. Anyone know the fix?

It’s a known issue in the latest update to VS2017. We have it fixed for the next release. See Prize BrainPad, Trouble using MS Studio Visual and TinyCRL Project System - #4 by John_Brochue for a workaround

Thank you! Sorry I didn’t see the solution before I made a new thread.