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PPP - Will it be reintroduced in GHI v4.2?



I would like to know if PPP will be re-introduced to the GHI premium libraries in the near feature? Currently we are using EMX with v4.1 but we would really like the SQLite support of 4.2 and/or to move to a G120 based solution.



We would like to bring it back but there are few things to be completed first. A possibility for the future.


I was wondering if there has been any updates on the status of PPP for the G120. We started the process of migrating some of our devices to use the G120 but have run into a roadblock due to the lack of PPP. Not having PPP is misleading based on the information provided on the G120 brochure and webpage. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

From brochure, [quote]Furthermore, the embedded software includes GHI Electronics Premium .NET Micro Framework Libraries that adds support to important features such as WiFi, USB Host, PPP, SQLite, and In-Field Update. All are provided royalty-free with G120 Module.[/quote]

From product website, [quote]Full TCP/IP with Ethernet, WiFi or PPP (cellular) support[/quote]


@ brice_chart - Those are copy/paste errors and were corrected on G120 page. Brochure will be updated in future as well.

It is possible that PPP will come back in future but at this point we have many other more important requests.

Also, while PPP has its benefits, most cell modems have a built in stack so all is needed from the device end is a serial or with simple commands.


It might be wise to update re-seller links (Mouser, etc.) for they all have information stating supporting PPP.


You are right.


What is the state of development PPP for the G120 module ?


Same as before, PPP is not currently supported.


Yes, I know) And what about the future?


It may come back in future but I would say do not plan on it. This is the lowest priority item on a very long list of requests and requirements.


Grrrr Im think that PPP is already included in 4.2 because there is not any info in “Release Status” that this feature missing…
I vote for this feature too(For EMX device). There are also some other features which missing in 4.2 like BatteryRAM, StartUpLogo, Heap… So 4.2 is in reality big downgrade :slight_smile:


Sometimes one must take a step backward before taking a leap forward :wink:


Downgrade? :frowning:

Heap: not needed. It is set to a reasonable size that works for everyone
BatteryRam: This is processor specific so it is bad to have in standard libs. You can easily access it using Register class. So you did not miss any feature technically. We can hepl with (or it maybe on codeshare already) if you want.
StartupLogo: Is already supported since last release
PPP: least used feature, which we may bring back with enough interest and after major tasks are completed. If you have need for PPP and using serial modem wilth built in TCP/IP stack will not work then we would like to learn more about your application please.

Anything else? :slight_smile: While we think one time to add a feature, we think 10 times when remove or change a feature, and also only do this on major releases.


Hi Gus,

I’d like to add that I would like to see PPP return. The serial stuff with a modem is fine for simple stuff like sending data to a server but it falls over for me with the likes of Modbus and doing HTTP requests with sockets. My Modbus driver is expecting to use TCP/IP with connect and sending etc. The built in TCP/IP stack in modems will require a rework of the Modbus driver and after spending months getting this to work as it is, I am not keen to do this.

Also, my NTP calls will not work without major changes.

From what I also see, most of the built in stacks only allow a single TCP connection. You would need to disconnect it to connect to another. Example my NTP where I make this call on first dialup to set the clock and then I open a second connection to the data server I am talking to.

Maybe I see it wrong for now, but the TCP/IP stack in the modem is not seemlessly connected to the sockets layer in the rest of the framework so it will require more work to use it.

After having just gotten the over the air update working on ChipworkX with 4.1 I would hate to have to re-write all this code for the new G400 and 4.2. :frowning:



Hi Gus,

SQLLite is one of benefits of 4.2 and maybe simple IFU(But not so important because it can be done in 4.1 also) in my project I don’t see any other benefit(Now)…

I must say that Im not check if removed Heap size from SDK have some efect on devices which use large LCD screens(800x600) but if work then is no need to have this option…

About BatteryRam/PermanentUserKey I will look in codeshare to see how to access to them with Registers if I will not find any solution I will open new thread…

I see that StartupLogo is added to Configuration but not into documentation :slight_smile: This has been reason why Im think that is not implemented…

PPP is more important… My device use Telit G24(GPRS) or H24(UMTS/HSDPA) module which support PPP and also have built in TCPIP stack. As I understand if I use built in TCPIP stack I can’t use NETMF Sockets(NTP, HTTP GET/POST, WEBServer) right? If answer is yes then this is not option because rewriting everything will take me to much time :slight_smile: Also it must be LAN/WiFi/GPRS “compatible” so user can use LAN, WiFi or GPRS connection depend on which one is currently avalible so using LAN/WiFi connection will use NETMF TCPIP Stack, GPRS will use built in TCP stack and this will make thing complex and double all code … In 4.1 this has been so simple, I send some AT commands(Unlock PIN, set apn settings) and estabilish connection with PPP class and that’s all :slight_smile:


Thanks for the feedback guys. I will forward this on to our team


Hi Gus,
Can you tell, on what stage is the solution to this problem?


What problem?

Welcome to the forum.


Support PPP in GHI v. 4.2.
And whether it will be implemented for the open sourse motherboard (GHI OSHW)?
Or only for GHI Premium?


Please see my previous posts, there is no PPP anymore.