Power consumption SCM20100E vs SCM20260N

I noticed on the power consumption page that the SCM20260N uses 217mA in running mode, which is less then the 265mA of the SCM20100E. Is this correct? It sounds counter intuitive…

The ethernet phy is power hungry

Ah, that explains it. Thank you.
Humm… in my first application I dont even need the ethernet. Can that module be turned off?

I think
When the ethernet PHY off, the PHY still draw 15-20mA.

When it is active, about 80-90mA.

Is it OFF by default? … and then ON after :


So, as long as networkController.Enable() is not called, it operates at 15-20mA?

Are we talking about the ENC28J60 device here?
Is this the data sheet: https://ww1.microchip.com/downloads/en/DeviceDoc/39662c.pdf
This says on page 80, power consumption is about 2.0mA in sleep mode (Standby Current), normal mode (Operating Current) between 120 and 180mA, depending if it is transmitting packets. If true, StandBy current would be significant gain.

Yes, Reset pin high plus that command will make the PHY active mode.
We are talking about Ethernet PHY, not ENC28J60

Oops, OK, thanks for the clarification!

And additional, we are going to make new preview in next couple days that allows system run half speed and also reduces at lot power (~40%).

Too early to say that, but hope this information may give you some idea.

That really sounds good. Looking forward to that.