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Porting NETMF 4.4 to an STM32F4


What do I have to change for the Flash and RAM other than the size in the files @Justin listed? Is the base address different? I am not sure how to tell


Those are xml files inside tinyclr tinyboot folders
And you need to adjust iram to 0x00018000 on those files


Yes I already took care of changing iram to 0x0001800 in the xml files, is there any other value that must be changed?


I belive no more changes after modifiying those files from nucleo411 to g30


What about the names of the solutions/headers files?


This mean you should rename all words STM32F411NUCLEO with G30 on header file G30 (include folder name on solution) and on each dotNet.proj inside files


Just the dotNET.proj files inside the solution’s folder right?


Or just on header and on usb file rename STM32F411NUCLEO with G30


Yes just inside solution folder


@valon_hoti_gmail_com Ok It built but saw some red right at the end before the window closed, I am not sure what it said / if there was an error.


Open cmd and run batch file from cmd
And you will be able to see what error say or check inside solution folder log file if was created


I have 3 errors…first one says missing file or directory even though it is there.



Check tinyclr.proj and tinybooter.proj did are there something that you did not replaced.


I can’t find anything wrong


can you attach your solution as zipped file


is your email or

#98 if you have gdrive is enought


ok I sent it.


The STM34F11NUCLEO solution compiled fine…maybe I mis-typed somewhere…


error 1 - is you delete LED2 from configuration plaftorm
and do not removed from TinyBooterEntry.cpp