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Pojecr TicTacToe is in progress


We are still adding more and more fun demos to our both at maker fair. Here is the “perfect game” TicTacToe I am making. Why perfect? The goal is to code it so you will never win…then challenge you to beat it to get a free FEZ :smiley:

Here are some images of the prograss. Do not think it doesn’t look good yet :naughty: …if you saw what I did with the LED game you will see how it looked when it was all done…very pretty :clap:
LED game work in progress:
LED game video (it looks even better now)

…enough talking…here are the pictures :smiley:

Cutting plastic cups to make perfect circles…the Os


Add right-angle LEDs to the rim


Adding strip LEDs to some old CDs…we now have Xs :clap:


Add the rim to the CD and you have an X and an O :open_mouth:


…multiply by 9 and you got yourself a tictactoe!

…now to figure out where to mount FEZ Panda and how to take user input. There is some wiring still but that is only very few (compared to the LED game!)


Looks very cool.


Looks very nice, Gus!

But, I can think of an easy way to beat it: Bring my laptop and reprogram it!

EDIT: for user input, put a range finder above each X so that users just have to hold their hand over it.


Looks great so far!


Use 6 sharp range finders, one above each row, one above each column. Then detect their hands over whichever position based on the distance from the sensor to know where their hand is.


That is an interesting idea Mark. You could deduce that someone was taking a turn when you saw ‘something’ and then when you see a steady reading for a few second that would be the same as pressing a button.

You could also use an RFID reader under each square and each player would have their own tag.


I thought about range and also thought about light sensors. There are complication like when user want to put hand over one the squares, his arm will cover another square(s). We will try different things to find the idea solution :wink:


What about a tap sensor? User taps around the X and it triggers a vibration sensor.



But that vibration will be on the whole screen


Hmm, yeah, besides that there are going to be problems with interference.

I also just remembered, not only do you have to select a specific square, but you also need to select between an X/O…


Got a few more pictures, will upload after i play with all these pandas! ;D


I think the user will ALWAYS be X or O, so he doesn’t have to worry about that


I love the project, very very good work! :clap:


Maybe just a simple push button then? I can’t think of anything any more innovative other than maybe a capacitance sensor.


Look at this mess!!! I love it :smiley:


It looks great so far :slight_smile:

FEZ Panda 10000 IOs really helped :smiley: