Planning for G120B and G400D Obsolescence

On the GHI Web Site, I see the G120B and G400D parts marked as “Active.” As per GHI’s Longevity Promise, “Active” means: “This product is recommended for new designs. This product comes with a 5-year guarantee for full support of hardware and software from the date of release.”

I ask Forum members- if you were making a strategic plan, when would you be replacing these parts?

I’m expecting no one wants to wait 5 years to begin a replacement process for support of existing equipment repairs and new features going forward.

First of all, parts I start rolling into the product need 10-year support, so I’m not using these for new designs.

The next decision is- where in the strategic plan do replacements need to roll out in order to have a reliable hardware source? Two years out?

If the answer is “two years,” I would need to start the design process now.

Sound right? Later? Earlier?

To clarify here… G120 and G400 are in full production today and we are shipping them in the thousands. No one needs to rush into making any changes.

Now, every case is different and you should plan based on your customer’s needs and how long it would take you to make the changes. A typical process is 6 months. If you want to take advantage of the new products then start immediately. If you want to receive better support, then start now. If you want to wait, you still have multiple years to go before you pull the trigger!

In short, you should start immediately unless you have a good reason to hold. Even if you just want to evaluate the new offering, start soon.

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