PipBoy 2012

Thanks :smiley:
It looks a bit different to begin with, but then Eve got a hold of it and spent 30min having me change colors and gamma levels. Heh, women.

Oh and the GPS did indeed arrive today, quite early actually. Too bad I have a tremendous work load today, don’t think I’ll have any chance to play with it until at least tomorrow, probably Wednesday. But I’ll get a new video up once it’s ready. Show off the text/picture messaging and GPS.

Looking forward to it as always! I hope your project makes to hack-a-day or something similar!

Here’s a picture of it running the GPS last night. I’ll get a video up when I can.

Do you like that GPS module?

Very cool map! I think you should make the date read the correct day and month, but whatever year the FallOut 3 story took place in.

@ Architect - For $40 the GPS module is AMAZING. Last night I had an issue locking satellites, but prior to that I’ve seen it cold boot a lock in under 30 seconds, indoors. Which, the doc says it can’t do at all. Speed & Course seem a bit iffy, especially when standing still, but good enough. And the lock on, I’ve actually had it (when 7 sats are locked) get me close enough that I could say…yup, that’s where my chair is in the living room. If you want a cheap, fast & decent GPS unit definitely check it out.

@ FireyFate - After I took the picture I updated it to grab date/time from the GPS and correct for timezone & DST. Changing the millennium would be a simple task, I’ll ask the little lady what she thinks. :slight_smile:

+1 on the adafruit gps breakout.

It rocks, particularly if you keep it warm standby mode with a coin cell or board power. It uses something like 7 uA in standby, and only about 20-25 mA when turned on. This version even has a built-in logging feature. I’m working on a gadgeteer module using this GPS… some much needed competition for the Seed module.

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Thanks, I am going to get it for one of my projects!

Pipboy goes MINI!

I’m working on a custom wristmounted enclosure for the new Pipboy with Shape Lock and using the OLED instead of the 4.3". I’ll be using the Cerb40 to power it.

Looks good already

  1. Looking forward to the module!

  2. Would you use an Extender and connect it to a U socket?

  3. Can you put this (and by extension your module) inside of an enclosure (like the WiFi module)?


Any video yet?

Very cool device! This thread has been added to my watch (pardon the pun) list.

Yup, I’m using an extender (as soon as it gets here) to connect the OLED to the Cerb40. Everything should mount inside nicely, if a bit snug.

I’ve just added the back to it as well. I know it’s not pretty but since all I had was 5hrs, some Shape Lock and my 2 hands, not too shabby I think. :slight_smile:

I haven’t made video yet since I wanted to show the dot moving around the google map image, which is kinda hard to do while driving. But I’m taking a vacation with the family in a week and a half so maybe I can get Eve to video it while we drive. :smiley:

Looks good. How do you like Shape Lock?

Oh ShapeLock how I love and hate it. If you don’t need it to be pretty, ShapeLock can be pretty great. If left thin it’s flexible if made thick it’s nice and solid.

To illustrate that point to Eve last night I tossed her new enclosure at our ceramic tile floor repeatedly, it was no worse for wear.

But you see all those bumps and divots? That’s with using a mold. Even with a nice mold you just aren’t going to get something nice and perfect smooth. But it is definitely good enough. We plan on covering that enclosure with leather at some point so it’ll be solid and you won’t notice the inconsistent surface.

Working with large areas is very tough too. I didn’t have a bowl big enough (didn’t want to use a boiling pot of water because I was working with so much I figured I’d end up leaving it on at some point and ruining the material) to fit all the Shape Lock I needed for even just the bottom so I ended up having to nuke bowl after bowl all while keeping a hair dryer on the current piece to keep it warm. Cold Shape Lock + Warm Shape Lock = NO BOND.

Though I am VERY happy with how the screw mounts worked out. Simply wrap some around a screw, slap it on and let it cool. Now remove the screw and you’ve got a perfect thread.

And despite what everyone else says you CAN sand it. Just very carefully and slowly. I used a belt sander on the bottom to remove a full inch of material. It took an hour of sand, remove, peel off molten plastic, repeat. But it does work.


I wonder if it would be easier/more effective to run a plane across it for removing big chunks of material?

Depends on the shape and thickness. Mine wouldn’t have held up to planing well at all because of the shape. It would have kept rolling over and giving an uneven plane.

I have InstaMorph, but it sounds like it is not much different from ShapeLock. I have similar experience with IM.

Same compound different brand name. There’s a few others out there too

Here it is! I had some issues w/ the shapelock enclosure so it’s just in a Radio Shack one for now but we’ll get that taken care of at some point.


  1. Clock
  2. GPS raw data
  3. GPS position on rendered map
  4. Snake
  5. Pip-light