PipBoy 2012

Just taking a quick break from GameSlate to make a little toy for my Fiance who is a huge FallOut fan. Only an hrs work so far, but I think it’ll turn out fun.


I see your burning the late night oil :wink:

Cool! Fallout is one of my favs. Judging by avatar Gralin’s too.

Other than peaking over my son’s shoulder ever once in a while, I’ve never spent any time with Fallout. What am I seeing here? Looks like just a console… I’m sure it’s something much nicer though :slight_smile:

@ ianlee74: I searched for ‘PipBoy’ too, as it didn’t say anything to me. I arrived at the fallout website, that contains some weird descriptions about PipBoy 2000, 3000, etc. Weird stuff :wink:

@ Ian & Wouter: In the game Fallout everyone is given this thing to wear on their wrists at age 12 called a Pipboy. It keeps track of your health & radiation levels, provides GPS maps, has a radio tuner, and takes care of other in-game stuff like inventory, skill points, faction standing etc.

For the build I’ll be doing GPS & radio tuning, plus the WiFi connection. Not sure exactly what other functions it will have yet, really up to Eve and my kids what they think will be cool. We have talked about having it control the media server on the PC to queue up movies for us.

Ahh… Now, I understand where you’re going with this. Very cool. Can’t wait to see the final result. Will you be trying to duplicate the enclosure also?

Will your kids have to wear this to go to school? :slight_smile:

There’s lots of people that sell the enclosures online, but I don’t think we’re going to go that way.

We talked a bit about the fun things to make it do for her and the boys to play with and tossed around the idea that it might be fun to actually throw the whole thing into a tin lunchbox. Throw on a nice lit ring power button and an audio amp, could be real fun. Especially if I put on a Bluetooth module and let it stream music from the iPhone or something.

@ Wouter, just saw your comment…now the lunchbox idea seems even more appropriate. :smiley:

Sounds fun. I hope it doesn’t get confiscated at school :wink:

@ Architect You got that right :smiley: Fallout 1&2 was the best thing that happened to me during primary school :wink:

A PipBoy with .NET MF featured by Skewworks… sounds too good to be true :slight_smile:

If you were to make your own enclosure this is interesting:

@ Gralin.

I really enjoyed playing v1&2 as well. The hackaday link is awesome! I wonder what material did he use to make the enclosure.

Another PIP-Boy on Instructables

I’ve got mine sending & receiving text messages. As soon as Adifruit’s GPS becomes available again I’ll be getting the rest of the components and slapping it into a new box.

Planned features:
SMS (via WiFi and Skewworks webservice)
FM Tuner
Apps (Gadgetos w/ a different desktop)

Sounds very interesting. What does the new box look like?

Haven’t finalized it yet. I think Eve is currently leaning towards something modeled after a retro TV. We’ve got LED lit buttons for changing the main screens, a rotary encoder and a jog dial for the external interface. We’ve also already got an IR receiver on the Cobra so we might as well make it accept TV remote commands.

Awesome project!


GPS should arrive tomorrow, so I spent a few hours and converted a Google maps image to have the look & feel of a Pipboy map. I also grabbed the coordinates for each of the corners so I can plot position. It’ll have the ability to store location markers and different map images will be assigned coordinates in an XML file so if you’re inside the range it will bring up the image, otherwise you’ll get an OUT OF MAP message.

Looks very pipboyish! :smiley: