Phisical dimension of GHI boards/modules

I can’t seem to find the dimensions of GHI products.
Are these somewhere?


Please do not ask the same question multiple times! See other post please

Thanks for being a DOUCHE and not posting a link. Searching sometimes does not yield the proper results. People are here to help each other, not grief them. I’d expect more from a company rep… makes one wonder about the company. Hope you are not in customer service.

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Hmm, yes, really nice way to ask for help

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Still, welcome to the community and if you need help then please start a new thread with your question.

Who is this ?

… picks up a post from a year ago … and complains

Not a good start indeed, but welcome.

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Perhaps the post was a little harsh, but I too was looking for the dimensions of the boards. Mainly the hole spacing for mounting the modules. After searching the forum and coming up with this same post over and over. Being unable to find any answer and from the reply from the previous question, I didn’t want to ask again. As far as the being a year old post, the question was still relevant to me. This was my first real search in this forum and all I saw was this guy getting told to search for other post that I too could not find after wading though multiple post. I apologize for the way I reacted, but after an hour of searching to only come up with this answer was a bit discouraging.

The hole spacings are always a multiple of 5mm, and for more detailed dimensions there are actually 3D models in the Gadgeteer source tree on Codeplex [link].

RorschachUK, Thank you very much.

and the WIKI has all the info you need:

Does this mean that info about EMX size can be found in the gadgeeter source tree? if yes this is not a good place for EMX infos

No, but evoxy said “Mainly the hole spacing for mounting the modules”, so must have been talking Gadgeteer - no mounting holes on an EMX module.

here is the link to the EMX module:

no mounting holes…

@ evoxy

Did you get the information ?

Does this help ?