Over ten new .NET Gadgeteer modules are joining our family

GHI Electronics is glad to announce over ten new module additions to the .NET Gadgeteer family that will expand the limitless capabilities of .NET Gadgeteer platform and .NET Micro Framework even further.

VideoOut Module: A display module that supports both VGA and Analog Video RCA output. Capable of outputting 320x240, 640x480, and 800x600 resolutions. Adding a 60" TV is a one module away.

OBD II Module: This module will allow you to communicate with any vehicle that supports OBDII. With this module, you can read statistics from your car such as RPM, Vehicle Speed, Fuel Type/Level and much more.

HD44780 Display Module: Adds a very simple and quick way to connect 16x2 and 20x4 character displays. We will also have one (or more) options with display included as well.

MaxO Module: A chain-able output extender. Through a single S-socket a developer can add 32 outputs for each module added. Only 4 of these modules will add 128 outputs to a single socket.

IO60P16 Module: A single socket from mainboard will add 60 inputs/outputs with interrupt capability. Also, 16 of these pins can be PWM signals. The signals with PWM are exposed on header-placement so it is easy to add standard RC servo motors. Adding 16 servo motors was never easier.

RED LED Matrix Module (DaisyLink): The on-board 50Mhz Cortex-M0 handles all the timing ad drawing leaving the system free to control many of these modules with minimal system resources. Thanks to Gadgeteer’s dasylink protocol, this is all handled automatically by the system.

Load Module: Seven digital switches capable of 3Amp 30V to control motors, relays and even solenoids.

IR Receiver Module with Remote:

MicroSD Card Module:

PIR motion detection module:

RFID Reader Module.

RS232 Module:

There is more to come, we are just getting started.

We all thank this great community for the continues support. And we thank Microsoft for all the hard work they are doing for all of us, for free!

We found few old displays hidden in the stock room so here they are fro $3.95 each! Note that they may have some minor scratches on them.

Amazing selection of new modules!
So many project ideas appeared instantly in my head!

about the photo.

Can you put names?

Wow, the modules available now are really an impressive display. You guys have been hard at work!


Very excited about the new modules. It’s also cool to see the whole team!

I would say the gentleman in the second row to the far left is Joe, and the monkey lady is Christine.

Also, why are the women in the company beautiful and the men are … well less than Brad Pitt?

When can we expect to see some drivers for the new modules? Especially the VGA board. :wink:

Easy to spot Gus and Joe. I also think Christine is in the middle. What about the others :slight_smile:

What about drivers for all those modules, you guys need any help from us ? ;D I think one module for one driver is a fair trade :wink:

@ Mike, hm, maybe beautiful women enjoy working with smart men?

Or Gus does not want competition?

@ Mike:

You are right. :slight_smile:

Today is FEZ Friday (the first Friday of every month) and we are allowed to come in pajamas. So come guys did not even wash their faces after they woke up. ;D

From left to right:
Dave: Hardware
Joe: Everything!
Stephen: Production
Gus: hardware
Garry: New secret website
Mike: PCB assembly
Dat: Software (low level)
Aron: Software (OSHW division)
Steven: Software (premium division)
Christine: shippping
Josh: Webmaster
Kelly: Production
Devin: Production
Robin: Shipping
Brandon: Production
Naveen: hardware (not in picture)

And GHI is hiring if you love NETMF and Gadgeteer. “go” GHI :slight_smile:

I didn’t wash! :slight_smile: Put on my FEZ tshirt and head to the office :dance:

BTW, happy Easter everyone.

@ Mike

VGA board drivers were in the last SDK drop…go look, you’ll see it there. :slight_smile:

@ Gus

Would I be correct in assuming that the MaxO module would be useful in creating a big LED cube (among other things)? And how soon with the “out of stock” items be available? They can’t have sold out that quickly! :slight_smile:

Yet again GHI have out done themselves ! Well done guys
Now I have even more reasons to lighten my wallet and feed the habit?
GHI Rocks!

All are in production so if it is out of stock then it will be in stock within a week.

Yes MaxO and LED cubes are a match made in heaven.

When can we get LED matrices in other colors? Or with RGB LEDs?? :slight_smile:

Ordered a couple of the “scratch and dent” displays, plus an IR receiver module, and the PIR module.

Now if only GHI sold a time extender module so I could eke a few more hours out of a day to play with them. :slight_smile: