Our long lost friend has returned!

Hi @ Josh - Still not working in IE10 on Windows 8.

Much better. IE 10 on Win8 isn’t working for me either but in chrome it is.

Can you be more specific?

IE version 10.0.9200.16660


@ Josh - HTTP 500 error… see image.

Windows 7 with IE 10 work correct!

@ jasdev - any better?

@ Josh - No, same HTTP 500 error.

Yeah, it should be fine now.

Thanks Josh, it works now. Looks great! Very interesting to see so many locations all over the world.

@ Josh - Now it doesn’t work for me IE 10. It was working earlier.

@ Cowboy - Could be due to changes. Give it a minute and refresh. I was probably adding more coordinates.

If the bill adress, and the default shipping address is different, which one do you use. It seems that I appear twice on the map.

@ Josh - The map might have a privacy issue.

I zoomed in to my area on the map to see if anyone was local. I found a few, and then zoomed in further to see where they were exactly located. In two cases, I found that the red dot was located on a company name.

This might be a coincidence, if you are not using customer addresses to define the points. But, if you are using exact addresses, then I suggest you reconsider.

While you do not identify a user with a point, I personally prefer that a street view of my house not be shown via the map.

I suggest you modify the user profile to contain the adress you want to appear on a user map - together with a choice of detail level.

For performance and privacy concerns, dots are placed on cities. There could be one or more people in that city but such specific information cannot be determined. We want to share a generalized map of the spread of our community. This is not an precise tool so there is potential for coincidence. Your exact address is not used. The dots may also not be 100% accurate due to the method being used.

@ Josh, @ Mike - I can confirm that my exact location is not shown on the map, only my town.

@ Josh - Still doesn’t work.

10.0.9200.16635 on Win8 64-bit ASUS laptop works fine.

@ Cowboy - Need more clarification. IE10 on what OS? What do you see when you visit the page?