Our long lost friend has returned!

Users page is back!



Finally :slight_smile:


happy dance ! Now what was it I used it for again ? :slight_smile:

I thought one of the improvements was to make me look younger :slight_smile:

GHI is still working on that… :slight_smile:

josh does improvements not miracles! :slight_smile:


Hello Map.
(this is now being populated, does not show all users yet)


@ Josh - Very cool!

Reminded me of this map :wink:

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Impressive worldwide distribution of locations!

It’s a good thing the circles aren’t based on total points, or Architect’s circle would cover the entire eastern seaboard! :smiley:

Interesting this map doesnt show in the latest firefox but does in chrome.

It’s hard to see the density when the dots are soo huge! Why not scale the dots with the zoom-factor as normal google maps does…?

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@ devhammer - Lol! :smiley:

I agree.

Is it also possible to show the user name (if they didn’t opted out to make their location a public information)?

Not working with IE. I get a HTTP 500 error.

Works for me (IE11 preview on Windows 7)

I’m using 10.

IE 11 in Windows 8.1 works, ditto for Chrome running in Windows 8.1.

I’d love to know who else is a Gadgeteer in my area so a list of names would be cool.

Will we ever see private messages on this forum?



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Changes have occurred: https://www.ghielectronics.com/community/users/map

The map is more like a heat map now as more users appear. It was adjusted to show as many dots as possible. Performance is an issue when showing more than 200 circles. When you zoom in, dots reduce in size so you can always read text. No names are given to keep privacy to a maximum.

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