OnePlus One phone

I have one invite to share. Want to share it with someone in this community. Reply here if you want it (Masters and up). Make sure it ships to your country:

•United States
•United Kingdom
•Hong Kong




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Thank You !


@ Rajesh

Did you get my direct message?

Yes I did and replied.

@ Architect - Just one? LoL!

Just one to share here for the moment.

I have another invite available (Masters an up).


Send you the invite in PM

You are welcome!

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Wow. That is a beautiful phone. Just watching the video made me consider buying one. I love seeing nice engineering like that.

@ Valkyrie-MT - Well, @ Rajesh and @ andre might have some invites in few weeks or OnePlus would get rid off the invites and anybody can buy the phones.

I may get one too :slight_smile:

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@ Gus - I like that phone a lot.

@ Architect - so you already received it and tested it?

What is that “mod” I see people talk about in their forum?

the phone is great.

@ Gus -

Rajesh is correct :wink:

I have the phone for 2 months now. I like it. Battery life is great! If you don’t go crazy it would last for 2 days. Camera, screen, etc. I yet to find a thing to complain about.