OnePlus One phone

Great. I still need an invite or wait till it is available

@ Gus - I would go and register on their forum anyways. The last invite I got, was from the “natural” queue for the registered forum members.

If I’ll have another invite(s) I’ll let you know.

@ Architect - which company are you using with your phone? Is it true only t mobile and at&t can be used?

Yeah, I had to go to at&t.

OnePlus is giving away 12 phones (invites?) today:

I ordered mine, got an invite from someone here. Not sure if he wants me to say who he is, but THANKS :slight_smile:

@ Gus - Great!

If you don’t tell me who that person is so I can get my invitation I will…well I don’t know what i’ll do but whatever it is you wont forget it! 8)

Looks like you can preorder starting on October 27.

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I got one of this phone (64GB), although I’m not Android fanboy, I must admit that ONEPLUS is impressive !!

@ dobova - It is a great and inexpensive phone

For happy new year wishes, I’ve 2 (two) invites to share to buy a ONEPLUS One phone.

If someone is interested, please send me a private message with email.


You guys can get free invites from PureVPN here: