"One small step for contract manufacturing, one giant leap for mankind" - Neil Armstrong

Ok, so Neil Armstrong might not of said those exact words but he would have today if he were involved in our efforts to simplify assembled circuit board manufacturing. We have spent the last few months preparing our production lines and creating an easy-to-use website that brings custom assembled circuit boards right to your doorstep. Today, we are excited to announce the launch of TurnkeyAssembly.com, a contract manufacturing website for those looking for quick turnaround and low prices.

A new unique approach
The first approach is in the fact that we, optionally, provide and stock a long list of stock components. This means that the customer doesn’t need to buy full reels of parts, that mostly go to waste. Also, GHI does not need to sort through the parts sent by the customer. The parts will cost less as GHI buys the parts in very high volumes.

Secondly, while the manufacturing is done in our facility in USA, our service fees are lower than the competition and some cases even compete with Asian prices. Thanks to the system we put on our new website, most operations are automated. This means no human errors and lower prices. The website automatically outputs the data needed to go directly in the machines.

Effective for low volumes
All of the above allows us to build circuit boards in low volumes efficiently. An example would be a first run of a new design or small run of a community creation.

A cloud for circuit board projects
Even if not ordering, the website is a convenient place to store/maintain circuit board projects. These projects can optionally be made public, with an appropriate license, making this an ideal place for open source designs.

Prototyping on steroids!
It has never been easier to bring your ideas to life. By leveraging the power of NETMF and .NET Gadgeteer with the ease-of-use and convenience of TurnkeyAssembly.com, you will be provided with one central location for all of your rapid prototyping needs. If you are not sure what Gadgeteer is, Gadgeteer, http://www.ghielectronics.com/support/gadgeteer , is a rapid prototyping
platform that uses a variety of plug-n-play, open source, mainboards and modules that allow ideas to become tangible in a matter of hours! The Gadgeteer ecosystem continues to grow daily through the contributions of the community and their creations, https://www.ghielectronics.com/community/creations .

A one stop shop
If you have a prototype designed with our mainboards and modules but you aren’t sure where to begin in creating the final product then our consultation services are perfect for you. Our consultation team will provide you with a low-cost, low-risk path to bringing your GHI inspired designs into production, http://www.ghielectronics.com/support/consulting .

Please visit http://www.turnkeyassembly.com for more information.

** EDIT ** The service is in BETA please feel to notify us of any issues you may find.


If this is the official release, you may want to remove the

Coming Soon
feel free to browse around until the official launch.

@ Rajesh - I strategically left it there so I could blame the web team for anything that comes up. 8)

Awesome, I need to use this strategy at my workplace :slight_smile:

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I’ve found in pricing low volume (10-20) board pick and place runs that the stencil and placement setup can add “significant” cost per board. Significant is relative from this DIY guy’s point of view, i.e. a “production” size run is almost always going to be a low number unless he hits some KickStarter gold…

Can you explain how these parts of the process are handled and priced here?

@ ransomhall - what your see is what your pay, no setup and no stencil fee.

Looks good. What are you planning to do exactly on non stocked components or hard to get components?

This is awesome and I think it will be a big hit. However, there is one gap that I hope you’re trying to solve and that is with quantities < 10. If someone is browsing the catalog and maybe wants to buy one of several things, it seems that with enough automation this shouldn’t be any harder than if they ordered 10 of the same thing. I’m assuming you’re dynamically combining designs into panels rather than placing individual orders for each project.

@ njbuch -

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How are the boards shipped?
Are they soldered and ready to use or shipped with components and left as an excise to the user to solder…?

It is Turnkey “Assembly”. They better be assembled! :wink:


When updating my shipping details the postcode requires “5 characters minimum” my postcode in Australia is 4 characters


@ jmerriweather - We will take a look at it and email you in the morning (our time).

I knew we were forgetting something! 8)

Looks great, I can’t wait to get back to the office try it out. (Ironically I was about 1mile from GHI today visting a customer. I didn’t even think about until now.)

Two questions:
Will drawings, or better yet Eagle libraries, be available for the more complex parts like connectors that are in TKA’s standard list?

Can the manufacturers part number be made available for the non-generic parts. I can imagine getting a short run from TKA but then needing to move to high volume manufacturing later. If a part was used from TKA’s stock list it would need to be sourced when transitioning to another manufacturer.

@ skeller - you should have stopped by :slight_smile:

Please see the faq about part numbers

Finally the service has arrived, and looks awesome!

Just an other question. Files are stored in the cloud. How to ensure security of data? What about confidentiality? Project may be public or private but what exactly private means?

Private means the project is only accessible by the creator, and us but we only view projects we received an order for. This is for the sake of manufacturing the project nothing else.

When you create a project, log out and try to access any of its data.

@ jmerriweather - This has been addressed.
@ leforban - We’ve added an item to the FAQ related to security https://www.turnkeyassembly.com/faq#security

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