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"One small step for contract manufacturing, one giant leap for mankind" - Neil Armstrong

@ Gus - I would have if I had been thinking. I actually stayed in town and took a long lunch before heading back to Chicago. So I had the time, just didn’t think about it until an hour down the road and I checked emails.

Oh well next time.

Ok so the boards are made in the USA, and the common components are stuffed and reflowed before sending out to the customer.

If I ordered a board with the STM32F405 on it, can I also get GHI’s 4.3 .NETMF Commercial firmware loaded onto it?

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@ Mr. John Smith - assembled in usa. The raw boards can come from anywhere, so are the components. Please see the faq.

As for commercial Cerberus firmware, we have a plan we will share once we have completed the plans.

Is there now, or will there be, an import feature for the bill of materials. A simple .csv file import that brings in the reference and position information would be a good first step.

This will be added