New module - Ring 1206 v1.0

Don’t have stencil yet, so made just one (white).


reminds me of the song “Ring of fire”. Which can be taken two ways, the flames type of fire and the day after the hot chilli eating contest.

With the amount if chili my wife cooks with every day, that’s a daily occurrence for me :slight_smile:

Back on topic.

Are each of the LED’s controllable or all switched on at the same time?

@ Dave McLaughlin - Yes, you can control each led individually and with 32 of them you can do really cool effects. I will post a video demo.

I this the module where the creepy long haired girl climbs out of? :think:

@ Reinhard Ostermeier - No, that is another one - Ringu v666

Nice one. It would be even more use full if the center were hollowed out.

@ ianlee74 - Hard to arrange components on the back side. Maybe on the next version.

This looks great :slight_smile:

Ive almost finished an RGB LED ring module design.

Nice, is that 80 mm? 8x8 cm?

Yep, i wanted to make it big enough to get an SLR camera lens through :wink:
Edit: well a 50mm at least. at the moment the outer ring where the sockets sits leaves a load of space. Looking at putting the sockets on the back or putting more leds on and external power.

@ HughB - Thats what I thought! :smiley:

im nothing if not predictable :D.
I may have to externally power this anyway as at full brightness the mainboard wont give enough Juice.

Looks, like the sockets are already on the back side. I would trim the ring and extend just around the mounting holes and will stick power connector on one of these extended areas.

@ ianlee74 - HughB’s design looks like it’s using the newer 4 pin WS rather than the 6 pin that Adafruit is using so HughB wins :smiley:

@ Bill Gates - Yep,WS2812B, and Hugh has more of them :wink:

@ Bill Gates - Yeah, i have a few reels of B’s in the toolbox

@ Bill Gates - So, how is that condom project going on? :smiley:

@ Architect

Edit with all my Uber cool ideas i forgot about my Graphene Prophylactic idea… :whistle: