New Iso for Raspberry

Microsoft released a new Windows IoT Core Preview Version!

Windows 10 IoT Core Insider Preview 6/24/2015 Release

[ul]Updated base OS build:
New FFU Flashing Tool
Secure Shell (SSH) server support
Audio output on Raspberry Pi 2 (USB-audio and onboard analog output)
Web Server (WebB) moved to port 8080 (For Example - http://:8080)
Bug Fixes[/ul]

This information comes from the MSDN Forum:

[quote]Ok, So that touchscreen bug is fixed and ALSO there is MUCH better GPU support.

Or, at least I’m assuming its the GPU that’s now helping GUI animations. Regardless, Graphics operations (eg. anything related to the GUI) are running MUCH, MUCH better now.[/quote]

The testing beginns… 8)


Hmmm - no mention of changes to wifi support (but no known-issue entry either). Guess we’re going to have to figure that one out ourselves.

@ mcalsyn

I found in the Forum this post:

Bummer… Still no WiFi…


@ Wolfgang Feneberg - Nice. Will have to drop that onto my Pi2. Hoping we get a new drop of the Universal Apps SDK soon…challenging to figure out which bits will work with what at the moment. :slight_smile:

@ Wolfgang Feneberg -

And still no access to the SerialDevice onboard or even USB adapters. I’m also finding that the Gpio pins used as input are a bit noisy. I had to set the DriveMode to “InputPullup” (which the online docs say is “not supported” and used to throw an exception) plus set a 1ms debounce timeout.


What’s New
•Windows 10 IoT Core Public Release
◦Wi-Fi support
◦Bluetooth support

◦Updated base OS build
◦Bug Fixes

Cannot check it @ Work but I think there is a new Release Out :smiley:

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Yes there is a new version with Windows 10 day ! I’ve already installed it, but don’t have play with it !

Woo! Hoo!

But only with the official WIFI dongle

I have no idea which one is the ‘official’ one, but with my luck, it is whichever one I haven’t got.

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What we need now is a new Fez Hat Sample :slight_smile:

Any idea when MS supports other devices? I have an ODROID C1 lying around.

1 Like is the only supported one

My luck is worse than I thought. I haven’t got it AND they are out of stock.

@ Reinhard Ostermeier

Me too. There no information about other hardware.

ODROID-XU4 is interesting. 74$ for a power machine.

But no support for Windows 10 Core

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Windows 10 Core support for Devices like this one would be cool.

I guess performance in my opinion would be required on the server and the network. The end-point devices should just send what they see and let others take care of analyzing it… :think:

I was able to order the official wifi dongle through

for 10 pounds, including shipping to Canada.

Thanks for the pointer. Just ordered a couple.

Holey Moley, that is one heavy dongle. What is it made of, depleted uranium? :slight_smile:

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