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New Beta Online


This one is the same as last beta release except for couple changes:
We updated AnalogOut support to make audio possible on FEZ! For more info, see this:

Also, thanks to the community, we fixed few issues with WIZnet Ethernet libraries.

Looking forward for your feedback.


Simple TCP WebServer example is there under Socket class in library documentation.


Very cool installed ready to play. Now if the kids would just give me the time too.


Hi Gus,

Maybe i take the wrong turn’s somewhere … but where can i found the information about the IFU procedure, you talked about the ebook, but so far i can see it is not updated yet. Or do i need to look somewhere else for the ebook?

thanks anyway for your good work


Does this have the Wiznet changes integrated?


Is this what you need? :smiley:


Not in ebook yet but the documentation has some details. I will add to ebook once I have some free time :wall:


Is this what you need?[/quote]
Hahah, yeah, it is. You edited that in after I asked, didn’t you?


:expressionless: no i don’t think they did - I remember seeing the wiznet stuff before i saw your post appear… but then again, maybe they just pre-empted your question, they are psychic! :wink:


Hi!.. Great job about the AnalogOut new implementation… please when it would be published (in a new beta SDK?)


Release is coming soon in a few days.


Is this release going to have DHCP for W5100?


No DHCP in this release.

On the other hand, we added an option to make use of all the stocks or reserve one for DNS and DHCP.




Joe, can someone implement DHCP on their own using sockets? If you do not support broadcast then we maybe we should before the release of this beta. This way the community can help in implementing DHCP too :wink:

See this

The code is on WIZnet website too


Do you have a ETA for the new release? I have lots of uses for the audio support. My rank isn’t high enough to get access to the beta … sigh.



I need the updated PWM code for better servo control. PWM won’t work for me until I get that.


We are donig our best to get release out asap.


Is there already some news about the DHCP implementation?


No DHCP in the next beta. But we will probably have http support though.