NETMF watch on KS

He does! :slight_smile:

The preview SDK for the Agent watch just became available!

Installed :slight_smile:

Me too :slight_smile:

I installed the SDK but I am getting an error when I compile. Did you guys get it to compile?

*** I fixed this in a very “logical” manner. I installed .NET 3.5. I can now compile.

I’ll be watching this with interest and all the others too.

I bought into the smartwatch world with the Metawatch and have been sorely disappointed with battery life. The features and options I have with Android is great for 6 hours (if I am lucky) is pretty pants battery life.

All I ask for it at least 24 hours min so I can get at least 1 full days use out of it with reserve to spare. I don’t have a lot of notifications but even so, 6 hours is painful.

If anyone is using anything else and they consider it has great battery life, I’d be interested to know what you are using?

@ Dave McLaughlin - I get about four days battery life with the Pebble.

On Android my Pebble lasts for a week. (feels like a week). I have to time it.

I am running 2012 Ultimate. Watch SDK worked out of the box.

@ Architect - I installed the SDK on a virgin WIN8 machine. VS2010 was never installed on it. I guess the 3.5 SDK was not installed by default.

Yeah, my system has all kinds of (good) things on it. Good to know that 3.5 is needed for fresh install.

Chris is at Build. Here is Agent besides my Pebble

Whilst I was on holiday for about 20 days, I left the Metawatch in the drawer and by the time I came back, the battery was completely dead. A couple of days on charge and it was working again but I could not believe what I was seeing. Battery life is now on the 4th day and still 43% left. Will wait and see how it responds to a re-charge when it gets down to 10% but if this fixed the issue, I am happy to continue using it and find I am a convert all over again


My first watch face - literally :smiley:


Funny and cool

Btw if you haven’t checked it out yet take a look at the agent watch forum. Lots of cool watch faces implemented already.

I have seen some real cool ones there.

Agent Smart Watch 2 has been announced - AGENT002




I wonder if it includes a wireless Latte module as well :smiley:

Jeeze… Those comments are brutal!