NETMF watch on KS

Finally, sometime NETMF that is worth taking about :slight_smile:

Looks like the NETMF (SPOT) is making a comeback. Well done, can’t wait to get mine.


Netduino watch! Interesting!


Now this is testing me… As cool as this is, I would not wear it. I don’t think I’ll ever wear a watch again especially one that looks as dated as this one. But, I want to support the tech. Looks like this is going to be one where I just throw some money at it but not enough to get a reward. If some else is wanting the watch but not willing to pay $129/$149, contact me. I’d be willing to pool my contribution to help you out.

Is Memory Display == OLED?

nice one, indeed…

looks like they will be funded pretty soon, day one and they are already at $37k not bad not bad at all…


Wow! That’s double what it was when I looked at it last.

I was surprised/happy to see this Kickstarter project.

Earlier this year, my wife and I were walking in NYC’s Greenwich Village when we came across the House of Horology store in the basement of a building. We went in and spend about a half hour talking with some of the owner’s family. They told us they had just finished making a video for a Kickstarter project, which was a smart watch which would “blow away” the Pebble.

It will interesting to see what can be done with a .NET watch and a smartphone without programming the smartphone.

I have just switched to Android HTC One from Lumia 920 yesterday so I can use my Pebble. :smiley:

Excited to get this watch and maybe will go back to WP8 then.

They’re now less than $5K from their goal. WOW!

Guess there’s some decent demand for NETMF powered watches. Time for a 2nd look at SPOT? :slight_smile:

already funded :slight_smile: WOW… one day…

Almost there - 99,813

I see $100,161

Indeed. Very good trend!

Yep. When is the Gus Chrono heading to Kickstarter? I’d be more interested if it had a more modern appearance.

Actually the Agent watch has a modern appearance. Black square watches that look like aircraft instruments are current. Big clunky watches are in style. But, they might not be your style. :slight_smile:

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I like how it looks. Does look better than Pebble. Will see. It is going to take a while to get one.

Like I said, I’m not a watch fan at all. So, I wouldn’t say I have a watch style (my wife would probably say I have no style…). But, if this didn’t look like every nerd watch before it I might become more of a fan. The Pebble looked pretty good on Kickstarter but when I saw a real one I was less impressed.

Perhaps this is what I need :wink:

I tried Google Glass this week and I was also less than impressed. I think I’m perhaps just an anti wearable electronics guy.

300% on second day - impressive!

Very impressive! It is exciting to see a .NETMF based device doing so well.

That’s crazy. It will be something if it reaches the $4.5M trend number.