NETMF watch on KS

$4.5 does look very good, but usually most of the KS projects slow down

Yep, but at the rate it’s trending upward it will be interesting to see how high it goes before slowing down.

Yesterday it was showing $2.1 mil

Unless they increase the number of rewards offered, they will peak at about $1.08million.

I’d be willing to bet money they won’t let that stop them :wink:

Chris said if that current stuff sells out, they might offer a “January reward” etc. Didn’t want to overpromise.

I don’t wear a watch. I tend to beat them up, but I can’t resist one that

  1. Runs NETMF
  2. Works with Windows Phone. (iPhone and Android are a must for reach, but the more things that support WP, the more WP will sell, and the more we get to code for everything using one language/IDE/etc.)

I’d love to see more examples of integrating Windows Phone and Windows Store Apps with NETMF in a consumer-friendly way like this. It’s through guys like you all and Gus and Chris that this tech can again get a great consumer presence and therefore be more visible/recognized inside and outside Microsoft :slight_smile:

I’ve ordered a way. I know it’ll make for awesome demos, just like my Gadgeteer-powered robots have. I can imagine using it over Bluetooth as an accelerometer sensor to control a synthesizer app, for example.


BTW, only reason you haven’t seen me doing Gadgeteer stuff lately is an insane amount of busy with Build, Windows 8.1, etc.

Buckets of awesomeness coming :smiley:


Sorry Pete, the unit for awesomeness if not the “bucket”. It is the “Mcfiddley”.

“Lots of Mcfiddleys coming!”

A McFiddley sounds like something with a perverted restaurant clown. Something you order without the kids around. I think I’ll stick to my description :wink:


The “Mcfiddley” sounds more like a combined measure of volume and potency of Scotch.

Almost a Million bucks. Go Agent !!! Anyone not on it, do it NOW

Also, Scott H posted about the watch.

Done :slight_smile:

You convinced me … I’ve done also …

Alright, 1 Million bucks it is! Have to sell my pebble now :smiley:

It will be interesting to see how the Agent watch progresses. I have been disappointed with the Pebble since there has been few applications, and the SDK has never appeared. The Agent SDK beta is supposed to be release today.

@ Mike - I like my pebble. I haven’t tried building anything for it though.

Have you seen this:

Wow. Congrats to Secret Labs.

They charged credit card so I think AGENT KS project is running ok … we hope !

They call this SDK a “proof of concept”.

Don’t get me wrong… I like the Pebble. What it does, it does well. I am just disappointed they has not been more of an ecosystem developed for it. I think Chris Walker knows more about developing a community than the Pebble folks.