NETMF 4.2 ...even VB support

Many of you have asked for this and it is finally here, VB support on NETMF. It also has many new exciting features and enhancements.

Before you ask, of course GHI will bring you 4.2 very soon to all devices but after all major features of GHI firmware is moved to 4.2 and all tested to work flawlessly (on USBizi, EMX, ChipworkX … and their derivatives). This is not a simple process so there is no set date yet but stay tuned for updates, we are on it.


RegExp are welcome ;D !!!


Thank you very much! ;D

I guess it might be to soon to tell but what do you think will happen to features that overlap in the new version of net mf and GHI SDK? (e.g. firmware update or PWM)

I have a feeling that “new” features are the features that developed by GHI and added to 4.2 with GHI’s help. support will be nice :slight_smile:

But for me I’m not hungry for the moment because I learning c# :wink:

But I’m happy to will find on your products :stuck_out_tongue:

PWM class is for sure a GHI contribution. However you can see that the class we use in GHI SDK and the new in 4.2 have different interfaces. So i am curious what will be the strategy. I think GHI should drop its own overlaping features to be compatible with other platforms that have pure net mf (i guess keeping both makes no sence as waste valuable memory).

Yeah, that is the way usually.

As long as new features are good for our customers then we will happily use the built in classes. And you are correct, we did provide full details of our own drivers but not sure how close is the implementation in 4.2 to what we provided.

Gus do you know if the new A/D base classes can be implemented for use with external A/D’s?

You can do that now with your own RLP drivers

Regex and ToString( " X " ) -> Cool

But VB? hmmm :wink:

Do you have an estimate on the release? or perhaps a beta version release date?
VB would make my life sooooo much easier so i don’t have to waste time and learn c# !

Whoa, you might want to rethink that. There are so many ways we can waste time or waste other peoples time - but I have never known any to learn C# and then say it was a waste of time. But, there is always a first time.

Especially considering C# is language #4 and rising.

I came from a VB background myself; let me tell you learning C when I got into micros a couple years ago has been really great for me. It’s well worth the investment of time.

Gus! I’ve read that express 2010 versions don’t work with 4.2 (yet) This won’t cause problems will it

Professional embedded developers only use C. There is no other language (beside assembly) so the move to C# is the right choice. But, with the introduction of hobby and low cost NETMF boards like FEZ Panda VB becomes a very good option.

Of course there are plenty of VB developers who do not necessary want to learn C# :slight_smile: It is always good to have a choice.