.NET Clix

Our latest product .NET Clix is now [italic]officially [/italic]available! .NET Clix is a set of GUI controls, dialogs, helpers and transitions for NETMF devices and it weighs in at under 200KB! .NET Clix will even calibrate the LCD for you; and save that data to EWR; or you can load your own calibration data.


Fade Black
Fade White
Slide Down
Slide Left
Slide Right
Slide Up[/ulist]


Now that is Sweet!

Well done

Thanks guys!

Like Spiral point upgrades are free. Which is good; because there will be a big surprise added to the project after things settle down around here.

Here’s a hint: it looks like Glide :wink:

Very nice!

Any graphing and/or avionics type controls coming up? Hopefully, sometime next year after GHI releases a capacitive display, I’d like to add one to my R/C remote.

@ Ian this is Skewworks you’re talking to, make a specific request and you will receive 8)

If it’s simple controls I can add it in a day or two; anything above that would have to wait until after the Game Slate beta release (scheduled for the first weekend in December).

First week of December! :o

Very glad to hear that project has recovered and things moving forward!

Like I said, that part of the project is a ways off. Probably more like next summer. I just wanted to get you thinking about it :wink: I’ll let you know when I’m closer to ready.

@ Ian sounds good.

@ Architect yup it’s just an initial beta but I think people will enjoy it.

That’s an EMX board it was mounted to?

If so, that means it’s gadgeteer friendly, yes?

edit: d’oh… says ChipworkX right there… Same question about .netg, though.

It is indeed Gadeteer friendly.

It’s so friendly in fact I believe some of the functions work on the CANxtra.


Couple suggestions, going just by the video… One is to allow a title on that virtual keyboard. My app had a few places where there are a number of textboxes on the screen and if I pop up a keyboard display, having a title will make it easier for attention-deficit users to remember what they should be typing.

Also, a modal numpad (again with title) would be really nice. Having a TextBox bool property for .Numeric that causes it to do a numpad instead of a keyboard would be double-nice. (bonus points for min/max settings and being able to constrain to int/float).

This looks really nice - can’t wait to start playing with it!

Consider it done; I’ll have an update out in a couple days or so. Those seem like really good features most people will like.

Same here ! :wink:

Thomas, I didn’t have a look yet, but is there a way to have an “AZERTY” keyboard instead of “QWERTY” ?

It’s no big deal (yet), though, so don’t panic :smiley:

Nice :slight_smile:
I have few questions.
Can you make one quick video(Without comments :slight_smile: ) on EMX to see how fast is it?
Is there some issue if I use it in comercial product or is $29.99 order ok?
Is there way to change controls colors?

@ Bec a fuel :think: I don’t think the fonts I supply even have extended characters at the moment… :-[ can’t believe I neglected international support. Give me a week.

@ Dejan

  1. Yes. You can also see the controls on an EMX (cobra) in the Gadgetos video [url]Gadgetos (Pyxis 3) First Look - YouTube
  2. Commercial use is perfectly acceptable. License is per developer; no other restrictions.
  3. [italic]Some[/italic] controls support backcolor changing. [italic]All[/italic] text controls support forecolor changes. Are there any controls in particular you want to change colors on?


I didn’t ask for extended character set, but only another layout :wink:

But I’m not in a hurry so take your time, as it is not really important. At least for me.

Oh I know; but if I’m going to do multiple layouts I might as well support extended characters :wink:

1.) Im see this wideo few weeks ago but second board(after chipworkX) show solitare very slow… So Im thinking to see video like EMX video for .NET Clix like your which run on ChipworkX to compare speeds of rendering controls and responding to them…
2.) Great. Thanks.
3.) I curently do not need any controls and Im only quick check your video and ask things which will also be interested for other users… In my next project I will use black background and will be good if controls are normaly wisible on black(or any other color) background that we are not limited to silver/gray one…

You should be good on any backcolor. The only things really “locked” into their backcolors (button, scrollbar, menu) all have secondary borders. There’s a 1px solid outline (dark gray) followed by a 1px bottom & right border (white); which should make it pop on anything.

I’ll get a new video up when I can. Seeing as Thanksgiving is tomorrow (and hosted at my house) it’ll probably be late weekend or even in to next week.