Need NETMFNew Haven Parallel Display Driver

Does anyone have some code written for parallel interfacing with New Haven displays? I have one already for SPI but had to switch to a different model.

Which display?

For modules such as the G400 and G120 and OSD3358 you don’t need any driver as such as they have direct RGB drive. With NETFM 4.3 on the G400 and G120 you can do graphics. With the OSD3358 you need and OS such as Linux.

I am using a G30 but am probably going to move up to a G80 because I need more memory.

That’s a character display, so easy peasy to drive. There’s probably several codeshare entries for the HD44780 series of display that I’d bet this is compatible with. I’d suggest you use 4-bit mode as that reduces your pin count and is no harder to do.

Easy peasy. The datasheet even has code for you to set it up and drive it. As Brett says, use 4 bit.

Thank you. How do I change gadgeteer code to regular GHI NETMF? This is the most updated driver here. I think it is for 4-bit parallel?

In the code I just posted, can someone please tell me were the R/W pin is being assigned? I see every required connection except R/W

If you check the Gadgeteer module schematic you’ll see that RW is just connected to GND so will never be used.

So should I not use the R/W pin on my display? I have it all hooked up per the datasheet but am not sure what to do about the R/W Pin.

Also what display pin would correspond to “backlight” in the code?

If you follow the datasheet, you’ll understand what you might or might not want to do with RW. Remember, I’m telling you about what the Gadgeteer code and module do. If you want RW, connect it, and figure out where to amend the code. Otherwise, the code as-is assumes RW is connected to GND as per schematic.

Backlight is on pin 8 on the Gadgeteer socket. In the code you pointed to, is:
backlight = GTI.DigitalOutputFactory.Create(socket, GT.Socket.Pin.Eight, true, null);
What more do you need there?

I mean what pin is “Backlight,” supposed to correspond to on my display pins?

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Here what I see in the link:

which I change to

and then it takes me to a GHI forum

Pins I have connected on the display that go to the uC: RS, E, DB4-DB7. Alll of those are defined in my code (and uC) and are on the display pin out, but in the codeshare snip their is an output titled “BackLight.” What pin on the display is this? The rest of the display schematic says the rest of the pins are for power and ground. Should the pin labeled LED+ (anode +5V) actually be connected to my contoller as the backlight pin??? SOOOOO CONFUSEDDDDD HELLLLLLPPPP

Alright it all works now I just grounded R/W pin. I was scared to turn it on because just powering up my uC was reading 2 V on the power supply which is usually zero but I just turned it up to 5V anyways and used the trimmer to keep the backlight at 0.5 V and it works fine.