Need NETMFNew Haven Parallel Display Driver

if you looked at the GHI HD44780 module schematic you’ll see what the code was expecting to control - it was clearly not a digital signal. You can replicate that, or understand the circuit it shows and replicate it, or as you’ve done figure out a method to achieve the same without that circuitry. And of course you could always ignore the backlight control completely and remove the code…

I couldn’t get the link to work >.< so no I was not able to look at the schematic.

it’s out on the internet a dozen times or more, surely not that hard.

Product link:
Schematic link from that page:

Anything else you’d like me to Bing for you?

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Your BingFu is indeed geat

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I’ve had practice :slight_smile:

How can I make the cursor flash over a character with that driver? I need to display a number and then highlight each decimal place one at a time showing the user that they are editing them number display. This is my work around to not being able to find a quality industrial key pad with the legend I need for a reasonable price.

you need to inspect the code for the driver, and see whether it already has some of those native capabilities. You need to figure out the appropriate controls / settings for the LCD, and then most likely add the required capability to the driver.