Need a Gadgeteer hub? We have one!

Microsoft has just release a new Gadgeteer core.

One of the great additions in this release is socket indirection that allows for creating hubs. You will never run out of sockets anymore :slight_smile:

We have also designed our first Gadgeteer hub. We will release a new SDK to support socket indirection and release the hub in short weeks.

What a terrific Friday news :slight_smile:


@ Gus - Oooh! Shiny!

@ Gus - That is excellent!

Oh waw, the good old Cypress revives !
This time with a hardware I2C … :wink:

I had also this idea … but you are too fast indeed !!!

Hub is an awesome addition! Great news!

Amazing! It is what i’m looking for

Great news!

Not trying to bring up a sore subject, but how does this compare to Go!?

It does not. Go allows any module to be plugged into any socket. The sockets on the Gadgeteer hub are typed.

Love it!

Have you done any tests regarding update/capture speed?

It does not compare at all! Not sure how you see it similar. The same Gadgeteer sockets, the same way they worked before, but now you can add more sockets to your mainboard through the hub. The same drivers, the same modules, work on direct sockets and indirect sockets.

Do the same rules apply regarding red sockets? Could an additional red socket be attached to this to supply supplementary power?

What is a red socket?

Ha! Red module…

GHI has that. I’m wondering if there is a simpler way since this hub is already mostly isolated from the mainboard.

You can add our power extender between the mainboard and the hub. Then the hub and all modules connected to the hub get their power from the power extender.

I’m sure that this has it’s place but couldn’t you just use a FEZ Cerberus Mainboard to do the same thing with a wider array of sockets? They are selling for the same price.

That requires twice as many cables. If the hub had a switch where you could disconnect pins 1 & 2 from the mainboard then couldn’t you use a red module to power just the hub?

This threw me a bit …

Does this board require a Premium board?

Will there be different socket types in the future, as this board “just” has A, Y and P sockets?

I’m just thinking out loud… But this scenario looks better to me for some projects than using the Power Extender.