My new module - Bolt v1.0 (Lightning Detector)

Parts are in. Will send PCB to production tonight. Should be available in a week or two.

Working on the driver now.

Couple of questions:

-Not sure if I have to add more lables for the socket. It should work with SoftwareI2C too.
-I am exposing only 6 (used) pins on the top IDC (for non-Gadgeteer folks). Would that be ok or should I put all 10?
-Let me know if anybody interested in this module.

What does it do?

Ooops, :slight_smile:

It is lightning detector up to 40km away

Ah, very nice.

I never knew I needed one until now. I would like one. :slight_smile:

@ Architect - cool, so whats the theory of operation?

I’m up for one, but thunderstorm season is pretty much over up here.

@ Mike - number one on the list!
@ ransomhall - number two :wink:

Yeah season is over, but I will have lightning emulator to test the module with. (Working on it)

Me either. Very cool! Definitely sign me up for one.

@ ianlee74 - #3
@ Justin - It is based on the dedicated Franklin Lightning Sensor IC (AS3935)

Key features:
Lightning Detector warns of lightning storm activity within a radius of 40km
Distance estimation to the head of the storm down to 1km in 14 steps
Detects both cloud-to-ground and intra-cloud (cloud-to-cloud) flashes
Embedded man-made disturber rejection algorithm
Programmable detection levels enable threshold setting for optimal controls
SPI and I²C interface is used for control and register reading
Antenna Tuning to compensate variations of the external components
Supply voltage range 2.4V to 5.5V
Power-down, listening, and active mode[/ul]

That looks pretty neat :slight_smile:
Not much use here - now if you had a gray sky drizzle sensor… :smiley:

A lightning emulator? Now that sounds interesting. A Tesla coil or Van der Graaf generator perhaps? You gotta make a video if it’s anything that makes visible sparks :slight_smile:

@ Justin - Lightning produces very distinct noises at roughly 40-60 Hz that can be heard from a very simple radio from a long distance. The trouble is there is a lot of man made noise at that freq, primarily power line hum. From what I can gather these guys have figured out a way to get around removing that interference. Google ‘natural VLF radio noise’ for tons of info.

Jacob ladder?

@ ransomhall - flicking the light switch on and off really fast - i’ll send my kids over :smiley:

Didn’t think about it, but it would be interesting to see how the module will react to it.

Taser :smiley:

Sweet. I want one, not sure why but I do!

@ Gus - You are already on the list at #0 :wink:

@ Gus - No, we want one :slight_smile:

We should have it on top of GHI building and then tweet when we detect lightning :wink: