Must be doing good here

Interesting post on Netduino forum:


Thats cracy.
One says “MS nearly droped NETMF”.
And the Response is: “MS Drops NETMF, that’s not good”.

This is how wrong Information gets on it’s way. :wall:

I’ve always said this forum ROCKS!!! Good to see other folks are noticing it as well.

Its just another reason for ‘why Gadgeteer’.

Would Gadgeteer exist without NETMF ?

@ Bec a Fuel - I think Duke is taking about the community behind Gadgeteer not the Gadgeteer vs NETMF, which we all understand is founding part of Gadgeteer. :wink:

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Technically, I don’t think there’s any reason Gadgeteer could not exist on any other platform — RPi, for example. Gadgeteer is pretty much a software layer only…

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:smiley: Funny, I made that exact statement in a conversation yesterday…

How about doing one for Arduino, and calling it something like Medusa?


Medusa was never really “Gadgeteer”. It was Gadgeteer modules made available for Arduino. Without the GUI & editor experience, I don’t think you can really call it “Gadgeteer”.

@ ianlee74 - Technically Gadgeteer is just the 10 pin plug-n-play standard, it just so happened to be developed by Microsoft. :whistle:

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Sometimes there just isn’t enough lists to put some people on.

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@ Gary - Technically true, perhaps. But the designer is a big part of why Gadgeteer is great for newbs. As is the abstraction that makes programming modules look more like normal .NET code (as opposed to having to understand that you need an InterruptPort to wire up a button).

Without those extras, Gadgeteer is useful, but not AS useful as it is with them, IMO.

Actually, the module builders guide describes Gadgeteer as a platform that extends the NETMF. The plug standard, although one of the most visible, is perhaps one of the least important parts of Gadgeteer (IMHO). However, I do believe we can take this definition and replace “NETMF” with lots of other words and have similar experiences using the same hardware. What I currently think is most interesting is to replace it with “.NET Core” compiled to lots of different OSs. :slight_smile:

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@ ianlee74 - Before we try to take over the world of other OSes, I’d rather we perfect the experience on NETMF first. :slight_smile:

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I have to respectfully disagree. I think the plug standard is the best part of Gadgeteer. I would be happy with a very thin layer handling the socket/pins to MCU pin. The rest of the Gadgeteer stuff, including the designer, is great for demos, but for real work it is only used a few times at the beginning of a project.

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Darn! I almost made a list. :frowning:

I guess insulting Gary is the only way…

@ Mike - Keep arguing with Ian so I can keep +1ing your posts! ;D

@ Mike - Wait, someone insulted me? Wait, what is going on around here, is there a mutiny I should know about? :open_mouth:

Maybe I’ve been staring at this problem for too long and forgot some little piece of genius going on… What’s so special about the plug standard? What does it do that is so unique? If the plug standard were released today without any software to support it, would you look at it and say “wow…that’s genius”?

Don’t get me wrong, I think its great and it works well. However, I don’t think it would still exist if it weren’t for the software experience.

@ ianlee74 - I am not saying that the Gadgeteer plug standard is world class event. Just that it is my favorite part of Gadgeteer. :smiley:

@ Gary - Do I get another +1? :slight_smile: