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Nobody asked me, but I’d say there’s nothing at all genius about the plug standard. I believe it generally wastes a lot of pins, or makes them otherwise unusable. LCDs require multiple clunky cables. The cables as well as the sockets are much more expensive than they had to be, just for the sake of size.

Maybe if you’re Samtec, it’s genius…

With every commercial prototype design we make, we use gadgeteer sockets. They are just perfect, to add an external power module, of have an easy way to connect things. Yes you can use any header, but having a standard make it super easy to make the connections, or use one of available modules. Wasting few pins yes, but how often you design something commercially that uses every single pin on the processor?

Also, schools and hobbyists just love gadgeteer.

Now, would I go to production with gadgeteer sockets? Absolutely, if the volume is small, like 100. And absolutely not when volume is high, like 10,000.

Do not just look at things from your own personal needs. And I am not talking theories. These are actual commercial projects.

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I do, each pins of EMX were used on the previous project, and it’s the same for the G400-D on the current one…

Why doesn’t GHI make a version of the Raptor+ with all the pins exposed along the edge, like the Hydra+?

I personally love the sockets. If I run out of pins, I use the extenders. It seems like a [em]great[/em] balance of flexibility and ease of use, imho. But a Raptor+ would be cool too.

Of course, if you make a [em]faster [/em]Raptor, you know exactly what you would have to name it, right?

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A Velociraptor board sounds like a lot of fun. Maybe that one could run Windows 10… :whistle:

Raspberry Pi 2?



I do have to say that I like the plug standard as well. With R2D2 and Arduinos I hated the pins and screw down terminals always had wires find a way to wiggle out or get pulled when getting him setup at an event. The plugs stay a lot better and it is easier to know exactly where things need to be or even plug things back in blindly in a pinch. Now a different plug standard for power I would not mind but it isn’t a deal breaker. In the end the plugs make the setup feel more professional and permanent even if the system is actually an evolving entity that soldering connections would not be practical for.