More Cobras are shipping today!

Thanks to everyone loving FEZ :slight_smile: We have another 4 FEZ Cobras going to

They got it from

Winners will receive an email with more details soon.


I feel like a kid all over again ! Every buzz on the door is going to seem like the mail man now.

Thanks to the GHI Team.

Isn’t it great when you get something for free and others can’t get it even if they paid for it :wink:

Yes it is !

I hear some one at the door - must be the mail man - LOL

On this wonderful day here at GHI we say goodbye to the FEZ Cobras leaving us today.

Those four lucky winners, give them a nice home :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks a lot, just got the fedex email and thought “huh, what’s this?!” then I saw GHI Electronics and I was going like WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!

Thank you thank you thank you!! :wink: :D:D:D:D:D:D:D

May I ask which displays are supported?
My distributor has the following touch screens:


  • DPP-AT2412B63511-BFH
  • DPP-AT3224Z63511-BFH
  • DPP-CT4827
  • DPP-CT3224-2
  • DPP-CT8048
  • DPP-CT1060

Matrix orbital:

  • GLT240128-WB
  • GLT240128-USB-WB

What displays do you suggest?

Thank you!

FEDEX email … booooooooooo hooooooooooo, I did not see any email from FEDEX !!!


THANK YOU GHI !!! :smiley: :smiley:

@ Rajesh :

Same like me :frowning: No Mail from Fedex

But Foekie got his board today B)

@ Foekie

Is it a cool board?

With display?

Yes the board is absolutely great! You can clearly see that GHI thought a lot about component placements. The board is bigger then I thought. It comes with the demo installed (the one you see in the video) and the display is mounted with a flat cable. The mounting holes are fine (they were too close to some components with the domino board)

Board: (11.3cm * 9cm - 4.45inch * 3.54inch)
Display (3.5inch) 320*240.
Display mounted on a board with this dimensions: (9.3cm * 10.8 - 3.66inch * 4.25inch)

The first thing I did was to create a “holder” for both the board and the display. Because I’m afraid that using the board without being mounted, the flat cable might damage.

I did this using a piece of plexi in an L-shape.

The touch screen is accurate, although it was a little buggy on first power-on. After updating the firmware the touch screen is accurate and fast.

Something which I did not know is that it does not come with header pins attached. Need to order them in order to use the IO’s with breadboard wires. Not such a big deal, provides me with some solder fun too.

I do not know if it’s allowed to post pictures, so please let me know if this is allowed.

Thanks again, and I hope you guys get your board soon! It’s definitely worth waiting. :wink:

There were photos and information online :smiley:

Take a look here

Here is an update :frowning:

I beleive the FedEx man dropped by the building but left as he could not reach me or something.

Is there a tracking# that I could use to follow up.

Please let me know.

You should have received a tracking number and shipment details right from FedEx…if you didn’t then you have spam filter or email problems :slight_smile:


My spam settings are move to spam folder and retain for 10 days. I review the spam folder every day too.


I am currently looking at the tracking information of your Cobra package.

Looks like Fedex says the shipping address in your profile is incorrect.

What we are going to have you do is contact Fedex directly, it says here that your package is being held at a local Fedex facility in your city.

Due to “security” reasons, I am going to email you the tracking number.
Expect an email from me shortly with your tracking number!

Hi there

Thank you. I got the tracking#.

The address on my profile is perfect, the delivery man could not figure out my buzzer code for me to let him in.

Let me track him down now.



Alright, sounds good.

I hope you get your Corba soon!

A suggestion: Can you guys pick out a line of 80 right angle female headers and stock them? That will make it easier for beginners, so they don’t have to search through digikey, mouser, etc

I do not think anyone makes 80 pin header! We can use 2x 40-pin header. The idea was someone may prefer female headers, or male header…or just solder wires…etc.

We will look into stocking some male/female headers.

Thanks fro the feedback