More Cobras are shipping today!

@ Support :

Could somebody check the tracking number for me?

I didn’t receive an email like Rajesh. (I also checked the spam folder :smiley: )

Thanks in advance


2X 40 headers would be fine, as long as the number divides evenly into 80.


Got my hands on the board !

Thank You GHI.

**The shipping emails is something that you may want to review. Could be important for some one, some where.

Ah, I see. I have never taken my Cobra out of the enclosure (at least the mainboard), so I didn’t see that there were pads on the bottom on the board until I looked at the Cobra pics. In that case, nix the thing about right angle headers. Straight ones will work just fine.

i was looking at some edge connectors for it. Once i get it in and order a few will let you know how they work out.

I ordered 8pin female headers (stackable) like being used in domino and arduino.
They are the most ideal for developing.

Chimp, my delivery almost became a mess too, one of you guys mistyped my house number. Instead of 45 the person typed 4. Luckily the fedex man had some spare time and asked some neighbors if they knew someone with my name, haha.

Hope the headers will be here soon :slight_smile:

If you don’t want to pay Sparkfun retail, I found these with a quick search on digikey.

I am still looking for larger headers. So far, the largest ones I found on digikey were 20 pins.


I think there are headers up to 50 pins, but these may not be stocked by all distributors or retail. Instead you could get the common ones and use more than 1. You can glue them together to ensure correct line up.

Have fun.


i do not think they need to be “glued” since you can easily bend the pins after soldering to get them aligned.

I don’t think anything past soldering would be required. If you take some time with the solder job, you can make them look just fine.

Usually, I end up making a jig to hold the headers and the PCB. Then, I tac solder the two ends to hold the headers in. I make adjustments as needed, then I fill in the rest.

Thanks got mine last night. Was hard to goto sleep and most definitely a nice setup. I will feel safer once i throw it into a case which should be here tomorrow. Just the few hours i played with it were a joy I look forward to being able to utilize the best i can.