Mikromedia + STM32 working on .Net MF!

I’ve ported Microframework firmware (4.2) for STM32 on the Mikoelektronica board Mikromedia + for STM32F4 that a kind friend of mine gave to me.

The board has many onboard peripherals, like a SSD1963 480x272 display with touch, Nordic rf2401 chip, thermo, rgb led, microSD slot, buzzer, li-po charger, rtc battery holder, light sensor, ethernet RMII interface with LAN8720A, AXDL345, IR receiver, VS1053 Mp3 chip, Flash memory and others. The chip used is STM32F407ZG (144pin).

Moreinfo: Mikromedia Plus for STM32 - Mikroe

I’ve ported and tried most of the peripherals, mainly display and touch, RGB led (pwm), thermo (ADC), ADXL35. Many other peripheral are SPI or I2C and usable with no problem under netmf.
I’ve problem to port ethernet becouse of cpu clock issue: this guys saved few bucks avoiding 25mhz oscillator for PHY chip, suppling 50MHZ from MCO1 chip, but this need 150Mhz clock to supply 50MHZ freq. Using Ethernet click board with ENC28 chip, it works fine under netmf.
As soon I can I will put on Codeplex.


Congrats! Interesting board.

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Wow thats a whole lot of fun in that board! Congrats on the port. Keep us posted on any updates. Any more pics with the screen attached??

I’ve created this very easy video

I’m working on the display driver compatible with MF Media.Presentation and Glide. For the moment the native driver is custom made by myself and need a .netmf lib I’ve implemented to call native code.
The board is almost complete and a good development environment, but price is not cheap, going from $199 to $215 with shield (almost useful).

Congrats! What is the status? I already have that board ( also Mikromedia for STM32 M4 and Easy MX Pro for STM32 with the same chip) and planned to program them with NETMF. Do you have a public site with the current state or just the ported firmware?

Hi @ domo72,
I’ve problem to publish code in this moment due to the fact I’m away from office, but if you are interested I will try during the week to publish on codshare. I’ve lot of thing to do but the fw works great and is stable enough. Specificaly I need touch screen and I’m working on that. I don’t own the Easy Mx for stm32 so I can’t test it, but it will work , except display driver of course, because it is for 1963 chip. For Ethernet I had to use click board enc28 but it works nice, although I would prefer internal driver, but I couldn’t make it works.

@ dobova -
Hi dobova,

Thank you for the fast answer waiting for the info. I can also make some drivers , I will also send them to you to publish it.

Hi @ dobova,

Do you have any news?

@ domo72 - Hi again, I’m preparing things, but I’ve problem due to a major damage on telco lines for internet here in my street! I can use only ipad for internet.
I don’t know if they solve today but I will be out all the week. I’ll get back next sunday.

Be patient and I will try again.
Pls send me your email to dome at ledonet dot it, I can try to zip and send you by email as soon I regain the ADSL line.
In this days I’m also experimenting NETMF 4.2 on MINI-M4 little board with success on an easypic7 board … very nice.

Hi, I sent the mail and waiting for the info. Thank you.

@ domo72 - i’m sorry but I’m out for few days of holiday. As soon as I’ll be In the office I send you email with code. I see if I can do it in remote.


Have you posted the code yet? I would also be very interested in trying it out.

I would be very interested in this code, and for the 320x240 F4 board too if you have it.

@ kinocode and @ dennis612b: I’m trying to setup a codeplex project. I’m updating firmware with last GHI code released in SDK R3. This days I ran out of time to spend on this stuff due to job.
I will come back soon. In any case I can send you via email the needed files if you desire.
Mail me at ‘dome’ at ‘ledonet’ dot ‘it’.

PS: Code for driving SSD1963 lcd controller is inculded in the firmware.


I understand being busy/work, any update?

Hi @ dobova - Sorry to keep bugging you about this, but we would love to get a copy of your NETMF code to try on our Mikromedia boards. Any news about the upload to CodePlex? Thanks.

Same here! Would love to see the code!

+1 for code

You guys are absolutely right … I missed Codeplex publication.
I fill stupid becouse I get problem with project startup on Codeplex.
I will try again to arrange today afternoon …


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I’ve setup on Codeplex the project for MMB+. These are delta files to add on GHICerberus OSHW and PK 4.2 QFE2. As explained on codeplex I have used Keil MDK 4.72 licensed version. I’ve not tested under gcc.
Try it against GHI R3 source code. May be some issue arise for Ethernet firmware scattered file.
I will check as soon as possible.