MakeBread Module v1.0

Several of us were pondering a module design even simpler than the extender, specifically for breadboard use. (see The goal was to make it as small as possible by removing the second IDC and mounting holes. Below is a picture of the results. Several folks have expressed interest in getting one or more, so I’ll be making an order with DorkbotPbx b Friday 1/27/12 8Am EST [/b]. If anybody else wants one, now is the time to say so.

b First batch is on its way today (1/27). The DorkbotPdx orders fill up fast, so we can turn around another batch soon if needed.[/b]

I’m happy to (re)ship the boards with parts as a kit via US Post or UPS anywhere. The kit will include male headers, schottky diode, and an IDC connector. If you have the connector already, let me know, as I don’t have many. For those of you who haven’t done any SM soldering, don’t worry, this connector is fairly easy with a fine tip iron. Gus has some good surface mount soldering videos around here somewhere.

Because these are for private use and not for resale, customs/duty is not an issue for international folks. This first batch I will do at cost, which I won’t know until Neal (Dorkbot) gets back to me with the order total. They should be very reasonable (guessing $5-$7 for the boards). I’ll break out the cost when I have all the details. Payment will be accepted via PayPal.

Don’t worry if you miss this. The files will be available soon to make your own, or we can do another batch later this winter.

Thanks to @ Architect for cranking out a sketchup file!

Sure, I’ll take 3 extra special purple extender module lite versions :slight_smile:

Nice board.


I’ll take three also.

@ Pete - I wanted to call it the “Homemade Honey Wheat Bread(board) With Cinnamon Sugar” module but that wouldn’t fit on the back ;D

I have measured the board, it is less then 1 square inch, so It should cost you $5 for 3 boards (just pcb).

I’ll take 4 or 3 (if you want them in even batch increments). I have my own IDC connectors. Thanks!

Things move fast in virtual land, and the first batch will be sent to fab today. Check the list below to make sure it’s correct. No need to reply unless there is an issue. Please send a shipping address and preferred method (USPS, UPS, first class, ground, etc…) to my forum name at gmail. I’ll reply with pricing and a paypal link (hopefully) this weekend.

Ianlee74, 4
Devhammer, 1
Rossman, 1
Architect, 1
Pete Brown, 3
Mike, 3

Heh. Tell me about it. I just got an email from Neal saying my order is in…naturally after my BatchPCB order finally got panelized. Ah well…I was looking forward to some snazzy purple boards anyway, so I’ll just have a few extra prototypes.

I’ll drop you a note with my shipping address. Looking forward to the more compact breadboarding option. BTW, I have the IDC sockets, so no need to send one of those.

First pass at a label for the kit. Yes, that is the actual schematic. Found a great site where you can make “Bread Art” . Still waiting for DorkbotPdx (or maybe GHI?) to get back to me about getting the board made.

Lol. How did you make that?


That’s awesome! Edible schematics :slight_smile:

You can adjust “toast” level when adding text and graphics. The gadgeteer and OSHW logos look a little burned to me :wink: I made several attempts, but had trouble getting the perfect level of “toastedness” on these.

If an open source hardware schematic is distributed on toast, and you eat the toast, does this constitute modification of the design, and therefore the end results must also be distributed? ::slight_smile:

Mike - way to go !

At last I understand the legalese of GNU or similar !


This was done in oat. Maybe one in wheat or multi-grain would provide more “end result” product to distribute. :think:

:o Best practice is to release edible products under a non-redistribution license!!

Ah, thanks for the clarification. For a minute there I thought I was going to have to sell the kit with a fan, or have a lawyer review the license. Same result either way, I suppose :stuck_out_tongue:

Got confirmation that the boards folks have requested to date will go out on the 2/6 fab order. Pricing:

Base Kit (Board, Schottky, 10 Pin Header) = $4

I can add one or both of the following:
10 pin SMT IDC = $2
6" ribbon cable = $2

Unfortunately, these last two items are pricey at small volumes. Some of you may need the IDC, but most will not need the cable, so I only got a few.

I’m guessing about 3-4 weeks on the outside to get the boards.

When & where do you want the money?