MADExpo 2012

Evening before the expo

First day I only took a few pictures. Will do more today.

Thanks @ Architect for your hospitality. You are really a legend, in this community and in more in real life.

I am really having a blast at MADExpo. Highly recommended for everyone to visit. Maybe next year we can have a mini community FEZ-gathering right through the MADExpo. There is MAD Kids too so bring the kids too :slight_smile:

Is this the Devhammer booth?

Wish I could have attended!

Yes it is Andrew and Gus by Andrew’s demo table. Wait till you see the rest of the demo tables.

Looking very much forward to it!

Are videos forth coming as well?


Right in my backyard. I should have gone to this expo… oh well.

Yup. We’ve been having a great time with blinkies, helicopters, robots, and more. :slight_smile:

There’s always next year. Get enough TinyCLRers, and we can have the best demo room ever!

I’ll get some video today…Pete Brown may have gotten some video, too. I’ll ask him.

Put me on the list. Same week next year?

Me too!

At the rate GHI is going, we may need our own conference by then :slight_smile:

We’re still working out the dates for 2013. It may move a little later in the summer. I’ll definitely let folks know as soon as we land on a date.

I am jealous :frowning:

I’m regretting not making the hike over this time. I’m going to do my best to make it next year. Sounds like a blast. We have some family in the area. So, it shouldn’t be too hard to convince the family :slight_smile:

Andrew is doing his presentation.

Is that Gus at the back of the room? Talk about pressure… :slight_smile:

It is a little nerve-wracking giving a history of NETMF and Gadgeteer with someone who was there well before I got into these technologies. OTOH, having @ Gus on hand meant that I didn’t need to worry about not having board specs memorized. Just ask Gus! :slight_smile:

Did he heckle? I’m presenting at two conferences in Aug. Gus, want to come on down and give me a hand? :slight_smile: