MADExpo 2012

Of course not…Gus is a perfect gentleman. :wink:

I am not sure if I will fly anytime soon. My first flight was delayed so I missed the second one. So here I am in some airport waiting for the next flight to Detroit. It is 14 hours away.

Do you think I can design the next fez in the next 14 hours?

If anyone in north Carolina and feels like learning about fez, come see me at the airport :wink:

I’m trying to get a video I took of the demo tables, but vimeo is giving me fits. Will post the video as soon as I get it sorted.

That stinks, Gus. Sorry to hear that. I heard there’s some bad storms about, so guessing that might be causing the delays. Hope the rest of your trip is a little less troublesome.

Are you in Charlotte? I can’t think of a better airport to be stuck at. Grab a rocking chair and start working on the FEZ Octopus!

That really sucks. Why does it always happen to you?
The airline company should be nice enough to give you a room in a hotel or something if you have to wait all that time so you get some rest.

Gotta love that southern weather. Temps over 100 can suck the fun out of a summer day pretty fast and create some crazy thunderstorms. 109 in Memphis yesterday! Hope you found a comfy chair.

@ Gus 14 hours!!! Oh man, I am sorry to hear about it. Here some more pictures to cheer you up.

GHI had the best poster.

Sean & Jean Westcott and “MADKidz - electronics!”

Demos 1 (Andrew)

That is an excellent poster. And thanks for the pics, keep them coming.

Demos 2 (Pete)

I see you got my good side… :wink:

Seriously, though, thanks for taking so many pictures. I was running around like a crazy man, so I couldn’t get as many pics as I’d hoped to.

Demos 3

Awesome ball shooting robot. There was another demo table from local hacker space, but I forgot to take pictures :frowning:
There will be mini Maker Faire on October 20th (Saturday, at Norfolk Scope). They will be there with all their “guns” (they organizing it).
So if you are in the area, please stop by. I believe it is free.

No problem! :smiley:

You forgot to mention that the 3rd pic of this set features your console/controller rig, which was quite the popular demo at the show. :slight_smile:

And thanks again to @ taylorza for the Gadgeteer Pac Man port. I popped the code onto my Spider in the Gadgeteer arcade console, and it ran like a champ!

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It is a huge pleasure! I am super excited that it has been useful and that even from here in Cyprus I have been able to make a tiny(clr) contribution.

That IS a nice poster. Is there a smaller version available? The boards on GHIs table look a bit dated, though, and the enclosures are definitely Architect’s style. I see the Panda2 wrapped in a familiar red color. Did Architect bring Gus some boards to save having to ship them to the expo?

Did you get your omni wheel bot going?

@ ransomhall - Yep, Eric, that is your case :slight_smile: