LPD8806 by the meter

I’ve got a source for the LPD8806 RGB LED strips that Adafruit sells Digital RGB LED Weatherproof Strip - LPD8806 32 LED : ID 306 : $149.75 : Adafruit Industries, Unique & fun DIY electronics and kits and ddurant used in his blog post .NET Gadgeteer + Lady Ada(fruit) = blinky goodness! | Dave Durant's Blog . Here’s the best part - I can offer them for $15/meter instead of the much higher price at the link above. I’m going to do an order in the near future, probably in about a week. I"ll post the cutoff date here soon. They’ll take awhile to arrive (as do most things shipped from Asia to the US) but your patience will be rewarded with some sweet blinky. Contact me via email at my forum name at gmail.

[edit] so my source claims he misquoted me and these are actually $15/m and not $10… still reasonable, but feel free to adjust lengths. sorry for any confusion. this is really not a bait and switch :wink:

We have been trying to find the source of these to order them for community but with no luck so far.

Well, looks like your luck has changed!

I’m up for at least 5m, maybe more, and will drop you an email once I figure out how much I’d like.

It should be noted that the USB Client DP Module isn’t going to be able to power a ton of these LEDs - http://www.ghielectronics.com/catalog/product/280 says the module is good for “over 800mA” (which I assume is something less than 900mA) and the adafruit guide says these strips can pull up to 2A per meter with all the LEDs at full-white…

A Gadgeteer module like the DP one that could supply ‘normal’ power to the system but also with terminals for supplying power to side projects like this (or analog LED strips or steppers or whatever) is something I’ve wished for more than once… Having power plugged into just one place is a nice thing.

It would be easy to wire up some sort of single, split power supply for a DP module and a length of this strip. A simple pass through barrel jack with headers for the strip power on a perfboard would do the trick. It would be nice to have something in a single module, but in this case it would be pretty specialized.

At that price, I’d be willing to go for as much as 10m…I have some projects in mind that these would be great for, assuming I can figure out how to power them without burning out my board. :slight_smile:

Put me down for 3m.

please see my edit above on the price.

Ah… The ole’ “bait & switch”! Except the switch isn’t supposed to happen until after the bait is complete. :wink:

I can see why sourcing stuff is a PITA. Ah well, I’ll put up with the hassle for some good blinky. BTW - I got a meter to test, and it works as expected.

Bit of a tangent but…

No idea who your source is but if they have API data for these strips, that’d be nice. All I could find is “write all bytes, every time” which seems like it could be a lot more efficient at longer lengths.

Did you use my code? It worked ok??

@ ddurant - no, i did a quick cut and paste of Adafruit’s code on an Uno. I will be trying yours, though, and will report back.

If you’re wondering what to do with this stuff, check this out. These university students got funding to do their senior project and put this in a local aquarium and environmental education center, http://www.echovermont.org/ .

That is quite awesome.

I’ll have to think about whether I’d reduce my quantity at the updated price, but I’m definitely in for a few, 5 at a minimum, possibly more.

Cool demo!

Put me down for 5m. I have a 1m strip that I use at shows as a Gadgeteer demo. They are so much fun and now I want to put them in water!

US–>AU postage not withstanding, I’m interested in 5m as well

Slight delay on getting the order together. Busy factor and some outstanding weather lately moved this down my list just a bit :wink:

Good! I forgot to send you an email… :\

You’re sure this is a digital strip and not an analog one, right? IE, you can set each LED individually instead of only being able to set the whole strip to a certain color?

Oh. Right. I knew that.

Email coming for 10m, if it’s not too late to sign up!