List of topics with unread posts

We did few changes on forum so if you have problems tomorrow then please let us know

That’s a server side error.

Hi there ,

I also notice a strange behaviour with one post from Howler(Josh)

It seems that a database entry is wrong.

When I click on this entry in FEZ Component

[quote]June 29, 2010, 11:59:40 AM
in RE:List of topics with unread posts
by Howler (Josh)[/quote]

I got following error

It jumps to following website

And this message occurs

The board does not match. Click here to visit the correct URL.

The “Click here” link is

Chimp said that there were a few errors while adding the new feature. They recovered a lot of posts, but not all. Maybe that’s the cause?

I think there is a problem with my account

Before the forum here opens , I start at the other GHI forum.

So when I try to register in this forum I got an error that the user name (Cypher) is not available due to a conflict(double entry)

I choose another name with different email adress. But nowadays I could change the password and so on

Could we clean up on account? The cypher99 one?

I also cannot change my display name :frowning:

Plz heeeellllpppp

I’m not sure why you created an account and seven days later another. Which GHI account do you want to keep? Googlemail or gmx?

Hi Josh,

I would like to keep the Googlemail account.

Sorry for the trouble I made :frowning:



BTW : The php error is gone and it seems to be working properly

Thanks again for the fast help

I like the new ‘unread’ posts button, it is a nice bright color too! How about changing its color to indicate if there are unread posts? Something like a gray or muted orange if there are no new posts and the current bright orange if there are…

It’s insane how fast these guys are… looks great! :wink:

Yeah, the responsiveness to customer feed-back is awesome. I did notice that something seems to be amiss though. When I refreshed the forum page I did not see the ‘New’ icon and the ‘Unread’ button did not bring up anything but your response, Foekie, was indeed new. Not a big deal though as the forum functionality is getting better everyday.

BTW, what is the meaning of the handle ‘Foekie’? (If you don’t mind me asking.)

I just realized that if there are unread posts the ‘Mark as Read’ button appears! Please disregard the previous suggestion I made…

One other thing I just realized, your avatar set up for the GHI forum does not get displayed over here. Any chance we could use avatars?

The GHI forum is the old one. It will be changed to use the same code as this forum in near future.

I’d like to second the avatar request. Pretty please? :smiley:

Jeff, That’s a nickname my friends gave me.
As you can see, I have modified my display name with my real name. :wink:

I do not mind not having a avatar or not. Mostly avatars slow down load time and cause server load… It’s a nice add-on, but I do not think it is needed. It’s just nice…

Maybe there could be a toggle in the account options then. I like avatars, it makes it a lot easier for me to figure out whose post is whose quickly. An image sticks out like a sore thumb, text does not.

Monkey avatars for everyone… :smiley:

The avatars for most sites are limited to an image 100x100 pixels or less. I woull not suspect that would cause a big increase in the storage capacity needed or the workload of the server.

cypher99 has been deleted.

If they are loaded to this this server, almost not. But most forums support image by url. That’s a real slow down.