List of topics with unread posts

It would be really nice if there was a feature to keep track of topics with unread posts. Forum traffic is starting to pick up, so it’s kind of difficult to keep track of all the different topics…

What do you suggest?

Chris is right. Maybe a “follow this topic” function like you see on other boards? Which lets you track specified topics?

It seems that the topics with new postings always appear at the top of the main and individual forum pages. It is easy for me to see where and what has changed.

If you’re looking for suggestions, then what would be nice is a single button click “Show all Unread”, that then gives you a list of individual topics that are unread, not grouped by forum area, that you can look through.

Currently you have to go into each forum area and then into each post, back up to the top level of the forum and then back into the next area that has unread content…

I personally like the idea of “see new” that shows only new threads but not sure how would this exactly work

See new that show new threads and updated ones would make a helpers life much more simple.

Check the GHI site… On that site there is an icon to the left of all the forums. If there are new messages the icon says something like “new”. If you click that icon you see all the threads containing new messages. Is this what is being asked for?

@ Mike: Yep, that’s what I want :slight_smile:

I actually want “see all new” for the whole forum so when I look for new thread I do not have to navigate through all boards. One page with all new posts on it I guess when I click on a post then it will take me to the right page so I can reply.

The “see all new” page should have the new posts ordered an labeled to their board name so we know where the post came from.

Gus: If that’s what you want find someone with some influence at GHI and see if you can convince them to have it done? :wink:

I am already on it :wink:

Great, thanks Gus!

Looking forward to this :smiley:

There is now a “View all Unread” button, which will show topics from all boards. To help distinguish where they’re from, the board’s name is displayed below the topic’s subject. There is also a “Mark as Read” which will mark everything as read. You can also click on the “New” icon next to a board’s name to view unread topics within that board. Hopefully this will help make things easier for you guys. Thanks for the suggestion Chris!

Works great thanks.

fantastic! very nice! and very fast response to what we would like to have.

Thanks again! :wink:

Very nice, thanks GHI! :smiley:

major awesomeness! Just saved my 5 minutes. Now I can go back to doing my day job :wink:

Hi guys,

the new button is really helpful , but I get some trouble.

Today it works fine until a few hours??

There were new replies but when I click the button I didn’t see the new one

Then I logoff and on and receive a PHP error.

Fatal error: Cannot use core\data\User as User because the name is already in use in /home/tinyclr/public_html/classes/core/db/Forum.php on line 6

Is it a problem on the server side or on my side??