Linux on Hydra


Well done! Be sure to post up your code so you can get that sweet prize from GHI. ;D

Awesome! You beat me! Congratulations!!!

Pure Awesomeness! I think we have a contest winner.

Can’t wait to see the wiki page about it. I want to try it!

@ Architect
@ ransomhall
@ skewworks

Thank You.

I will start on the Wiki tonight. I am going to create a new environment and document each step so that it will be easy to follow.

Please hold on for a little while.

You are the linux king! 8)

No Kidding, this is awesome indeed!!!

You will get $500 coupon as promised :slight_smile: We just need to work on the wiki page first and upload all instructions there. I will help as well.

Thanks Raj, this is just great.

Good job! Think you can get Windows on there next? :wink:

Haha Gadgeteer with Linux or WinCE

WinCE is very possible.

I personally do not see the need for WinCE on FEZ Hydra, Linux + NETMF should cover all uses.

I wouldn’t spend time on it as well.
I’d rather will try to put on Android on Cerberus :wink:


How is that tutorial progressing?

@ Architect

A little slow than I would want to be, but should have the minimum completed over this weekend.

Sweet! :smiley: Just in time to try it on Cerberus! :wink:

Cerebrus - Linux capable ?

If what I am thinking is right - maybe not :slight_smile: … but you may know more …

I don’t have the details, but I would like to try.

Sounds good. We will have one more board with Linux.

Are you allowed to post pictures ?

Exciting times ahead !