Less than $3 WiFi chip

Now that is a IoT friendly piece of silicon


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Excellent news. While these types of low-cost not-necessarily-FCC-certified modules may not be suitable for small-to-medium commercial interests, they’re exactly what the doctor ordered for the hobbyist.

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I get a 404

Looks compact. Wonder how much extra cost would be involved to get them certified - a few bucks a piece if the manufacturer did them ?

looks promising. a bit more info here:

the site also has a post on a $11 AP with a serial interface - the HLK-RM04:


@ Architect - What’s the risk on something like this of hidden malware buried in the firmware? I’m sure you could use Wireshark or something similar to monitor the traffic and see what’s being sent, but particularly without any kind of certification, I’d be worried about the potential for hidden badness.

Am I overthinking here?

They say the Firmware is open source…
But who knows, does anyone remember this :wall:

They must be an overstock inventory liquidation from that iron factory :smiley:

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@ devhammer - I will know soon ordered few boards. If source code is available then it is not a problem. You can always check and rebuild the firmware.

@ mhectorgato - The link works for me. Do you still have a problem?

A collection of documents for the ESP8266:


I’m getting IE’s page for:

"This page can’t be displayed

•Make sure the web address http://rayshobby.net is correct.
•Look for the page with your search engine.
•Refresh the page in a few minutes."

Updated 2:31P - working now


Here is another resource about it on Hack-a-day:

LOL. I always wish I knew more.

Sometimes I feel as though I know just enough to be very worried about what I don’t know…


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The SDK is available for this little guy.

Very sweet but I am happy with just using it if it actually works. Have you ordered any?

I’ve ordered 5. Should arrive any moment now. Do you want one?

Getting a few myself as well. Not sure when will I have time for it though.

Does anyone has an idea if it would be possible to use kickstarter to collect money to fund FCC/CE testing for this device? Just some creative thinking :wink:

I am sure a lot of people would back it up if it is done right.

I am also waiting for some samples. If the evalution ends positive a pre-compliance test can be done. If the pre-compliance test is positive i think we need to think about setting up a KS campaign.