Lego mindstorms ev3

This looks interesting:


This looks like V3 of the Mindstorms set…

I wonder if they’re incompatible with the sensors and motors of the V2 set as it was incompatible with the V1 set. The V2 stuff was a massive improvement, but still incompatible.

I have a V1 set, and it was/is VERY cool.

$349 - not bad

Looks like they’ve kept the RJ-45 jacks for sensor/motor connectors, which is good news for owners of the V2 kit. It looks great all around!

Mmmm… I think this is the year I introduce my youngin’s to Mindstorms :slight_smile:

@ godefroi - How many sensors does V2 come with?

I don’t know… I only ever had a V1 kit. It used not only a different main brick, but a completely different connector. It also had only serial and infrared communications between the main brick and the computer.

Is this one V1?

That’s the V2 set.

More interesting info on V3:

Very nice!

Pictures of the original kit can be found by searching for “Mindstorms RCX”

I am definitely getting one!

I am so pleased that Lego have released the V3!. I love my NXT to death. Yes the new brick supports the existing sensors etc

More details here

I wonder if it could run Mono…

Mindstorms + .NET = much fun!

Could NETMF or Gadgeteer integrate the Lego ?

We are going to try for sure :wink:

At a minimum, some of us should pool our talents and figure out the communication protocol it uses for iOS/Android, so we can control it via wifi from a PC, or even better, a FEZ with wifi (looks at his new Cobra II with built-in wifi). :smiley:

Hasn’t this been done already?

It would be so much better, to have modules for communication with NXT sensors and motors. Than we don’t need to buy expensive Lego Microprocessor and rather use Spider, Cobra, Cerb40 …

Gus said here that someone was making a module for gadgeteer. No news as yet.
@ Gus can you share any more info on this???

@ HughB - You seem to be turning into a Eagle guru…new project perhaps :wink:

@ Justin - hahaha i have to admit to considering it, downloading the hardware developer kit and looking at it. On the face of it the digital sensor side doesnt look to difficult but then it started to talk about I2C and i i went and hid under a table.