Lego mindstorms ev3

@ HughB - Yeah, had a squizz at the docos when Gus was talking about it before - looks pretty easy…


I hear you…I’ve got a breakout board for use with the motors and sensors (basically a PCB with the proprietary NXT socket on it), which I’ve been hoping to get around to using to drive the motors at least, but it’s one of those projects that ends up being at the bottom of my list because I’m a bit intimidated by the protocols. Should probably just spend some time reading up on it and play a bit.

Agree with @ Makla that it would be a bunch cheaper to just be able to directly use the sensors and motors from Gadgeteer than to buy the whole kit (you can buy a lot of FEZ gear for $350), though the structural parts are a big bonus of having the whole EV3 kit.

Preorders are available

Or if you don’t want to go the LEGO route, you could pledge to this instead:

I want to do something similar eventually.

Thanks Steve. Interesting kit for sure.

I will have to pick up a set of these for my son for when he gets old enough to use it, thanks for sharing Architect!

@ James - I bet you will need to test them first to cough make sure they work :smiley:

@ Justin - Huh? I doubt Lego will sell crap.

@ Architect - I was implying that James was actually buying them for himself and not his nipper :wink:

Got it.

I did exactly this when my wife got pregnant with our daughter ! However she now loves it when we play Lego especially when we make a bot that does something when she shouts at it. She thinks its hilarious. She will love this new set too and she’s only 4.

That sounds amazing, I just hope that my son shares my nerdy enthusiasm (he is only 6mos). I was going to share this C++ book they had for babies on, but the only one I see now is the HTML for babies

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