Laser Cutting Services Beta Release

We are in the process of launching our acrylic laser cutting service. We are providing everything from acrylic, stainless steel screws to nylon rivets. Please visit the catalog, , for a preview of the [em]Acrylic Enclosures[/em] services and products we are offering.

If you have ever used a laser cutting service before please tell us what you liked or didn’t like. We are looking for all feedback.

Below are some examples of what we created for internal projects.


Wow! That is some nice looking creations. I like the SMARTHOME one. What is the green box?

@ Architect - Desk clock with radio, temperature, etc.


Doesn’t look like the link is working.

Looks like the correct link is

Are there minimum volume limits?
Or is that just regulated through the cost per item?

Link is fixed now. We have added everything you need, from screwes to nuts, with details on how to build awesome enclosures

Looking good! I especially like the current price. Don’t change a thing! :wink:

Just a reminder, we are using the metric system in most parts of the world. Your screws and other things are impossible to get locally here. Your standoffs are horrible to find extenders to. :frowning:

There is still black areas on the map: File:Metrication by year map.svg - Wikipedia

Unfortunately you are one of them.

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This is why we are selling them :slight_smile: but seriously, when designing an enclosure, you can cut it any size you like, depending on your own screws. What we sell is to help our customers only.

Good point njbuch. All the board mounting holes are metric spacing so time for the rest of you to catch up :stuck_out_tongue:


We are developing a system right now on the different levels depending on line length in total and amount of holes.

@ Blue Hair Bob - The link in the main post is for the Acrylic Enclosures category so that you see everything we offer and not just the cutting section

So first off: awesome.

Two questions:
Do you plan on making your current designs public so they can be used as templates?
Do you plan on having a community site where people can share their designs?


Very cool! Would it be possible to add opaque colors like black, white, grey, etc?

I will be adding a list of colors when I get the approval from the “BOSSMAN”…:slight_smile:

The laster cutting service is available. Time to get designing and test it out!


I wonder if you can extend the service and add stencil cutting option.