Laser Cutting Services Beta Release

The colors are up as well…:slight_smile:

What about sheet thickness?

@ ianlee74 - For right now we have 1/8" thickness in stock.

Thanks. You might want to mention that on the store page.

I like the fixed rate per sheet model.

Already done :slight_smile:

Hi There,

Getting ready to submit a drawing. Need to verify some things:

submit *.svg drawing (I am using the Inkscape package)
line color - red
line thickness - 0.001"
no dimensions on drawing - just the red outline
I want the 23" x 15" - that is the document dimension

Good so far?

Yes, that is good.

Make sure the red is = 255

You have been following this correct?

yes I have looked at the instructions. I am an engineer so I have a hard time with explicit instructions at times. Just checking.

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I know what you mean. It is basically the way the laser knows what to cut. If it isn’t “.001"” then it won’t cut it. if it isn’t red(255) it won’t cut it either. If the line is black it will engrave.

I did not know engraving was an option.

Engraving is not an option at this time.

It shows as an option in the store. Under “Difficulty”.

Sorry about the confusion on offering engraving.

I received my acrylic pieces. I had drawn an enclosure for a Raptor with multiple modules and one for a Spider. I followed the design guidelines and used the recommended drawinig package. I am jazzed. Everything fit really well and the most amazing part is that i did not make any mistakes. The fit is so tight i have not put in the nuts and screws.

There were some tricks with the drawing package but ultimately i got pretty fast. Learning to draw and use the features took a reasonable amount of time.

The enclosures are very functional. I am thinking about how to design parts that will produce a cleaner look. It might be nice if the enclosures are easier to open, it really is a tight fit.

This is a good service. I will use it again.

Any pictures? :slight_smile: we are glad you like it.

@ Gus & @ Jason - what about small hinges and slightly larger gap for the hinged piece?

If your design was meant to go inside it I could see putting the hinges on it. But if you are not going to be opening it I wouldn’t recommend it. Then the structure will be compromised.

Although someone could design it with their own hinges, they do not have to be plastic.