Keeping up with Code

You can now post your code to this board. Simply go to the code section and modify your projects to see them appear here!

Can you give us some guidance on the purpose of the forum? Is this simply a way to provide a hook for folks to give feedback on a given TinyCLR Code posting?

Yea, I’m confused…

This provides people the ability to comment, give feedback, and keep up with your project. More to come.

I see. From the posts that devhammer just added, I see one big deficiency. The forum thread needs to be automatically linked back to the code page. In other words, if you’re browsing the code site entry there’s no link there to the comments page. I imagine this is included in “more to come”… Good start!


Thanks man! Great add on!

Agree with Ian, without a link from the Code site listing to the forum post, this is of limited utility.

I’m betting, though, that such a link is already in the works.

Am I right, Josh? :slight_smile:


You guys are quick ;D

We were only talking about this yesterday…

This is a really cool extension to the code site and the forum, thank you!


@ devhammer
Check your post on code again

Nice…except for the fact that I shot myself in the foot by being first to hook up my projects.

Now all my code will forever be at the bottom, unless folks comment on it. :frowning:

@ Josh

Awesome…you guys are FAST!

One suggestion…would be nice for there to be some visual separation between the project description and the link to the forum post. Right now, it doesn’t stand out at all, so might be easy to miss.

Look from a different angle- you are the first. :smiley:

Batta bing. Batta boom! On top of it as always!

@ Josh,

When an entry automatically created here is the author subscribed to replies or should we “watch” our entries. Can somebody please reply to one of my entries to verify?

@ architect - I just replied to…


@ Josh

Nope, no e-mail. Have to add thread to the “watched” list manually for now.

@ Josh - Hate to be a PITA, but the code I’ve posted to date is under my former user name (EricH). Seems the code site editing is keyed from this, so I can’t edit any of these:

Someone commenting about the last one was what started this whole idea rolling…

Thanks for any assistance!

I guess it was last drop in the bucket. ;D

@ Josh, maybe a little bug, see :

Thank You for this great feature !