Justin like tease - You like Servos?

Anyone have one of these modules for testing?


No, but I’ve got this one for testing, simple I2C and stackable for more …

I’ve got two of those servo extension boards… why?

You photoshopped that, didn’t you?

Shoot - servoExpansion, ignore my post please … I wasn’t looking at the picture in detail until I saw mtylerjr’s post :wall:

No, I don’t even have photoshop … but yep it’s a lot of relays (16) … I’m still looking for a 100% usage of it …

@ mtylerjr - want to try out a driver for me?


@ mtylerjr - Check your inbox

Where did you get this and what does it cost?
If it can handle 230V I might have a usage for 2 or 3 of those.

Blakie, Blakie, Blakie, my young Padawan…

It pains me to say this but you have missed a few tricks with your post so unfortunately you lose some valuable points on the TeaseO Meter™

Where is the cheesie Euro Pop encrusted video? A blinking RBG Led?

At minimum a show and tell snap of you with said device in hand rocking a Hawaiian would have gained valuable TeaseO™ points.

I will leave it up to Sir Gus to critique for the Issa Scale™

Having said that, it’s none the less a valiant effort so well done and keep them coming :slight_smile:

It’s long ago (2010) and you know how it can go in our world of electrons …

Don’t really know if it still can be purchased, maybe the guys from the company in the picture can tell you more about it :whistle:

Edit: In case you need it, and as you can see in the picture, I’ve still got the brochure and a little bit of sample code.

I have one laying around that I bought in the closeout sale. A big pile of e-blox or whatever they were called too.

@ Duke Nukem - Not a Justin-like tease without a video…preferably backed by Euro-pop soundtrack, even if @ Justin did slack on that last time…

It can no longer be purchased however @ godefroi has one and I am almost positive he can bribed for it. 8)

I would Need 3, or at least 2. I want to controll my Window blinds with it, so I Need 2 relays per window.
Now that I think of it I would even Need more, since I have 7 Windows on 1st floor = 2 boards and 6 Windows on other floor also means 2 boards.
So 4 in total.
And I want to have only one type of board.

@ Reinhard Ostermeier - Sorry for my confusion but you need four of the 16xRelay boards?

@ Reinhard - Some more infos on this site http://www.inexglobal.com/products.php?type=addon&cat=app_control&model=zxrelay16

Edit: And if you need a second one, well, you know my email address …

Yes, 4 boards with 16 relays each.
8 relays on each board need to have a changeover contact, the other 8 can be normally open contacts.
Each relay contact must be capable to drive a 230V Motor (I guess less than 2 Amps).

The Interface does not really matter. I thought about connecting them to a CERB 40 II.
Each CERB 40 would drive 2 of the relay boards.

Also up to 12 Buttons must be connected to each CERB.

I have a few of these modules that I have never got to work properly. I would love to test out your driver. :smiley:

@ Reinhard Ostermeier - Ok, let me see what I can find in the vault that might be able to help you out.

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