Justin like tease - You like Servos?

@ DanW - Check your inbox

@ Justin - video added


Great contribution ! :clap:
I will be trying this out very soon.

servo motor expansion - “out of stock”!

Looks like ol’ Duke managed to run them out of stock. :slight_smile:

Shhh…this is my secret store…I got my Cerbuino here, no bad credit card charges yet :slight_smile:

@ devhammer - I did manage to empty them out as I’ve discovered those are handy little suckers, but I’ve been told that they will have more in stock end of April I think. Best get your orders in before me however…

@ Duke Nukem - cornering the market?

@ Duke Nukem - Or I could just make my own. :slight_smile:

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4 boards with 16 relays each would be enough for a very clicky and very overkill 4x4x4 led cube, lol.

BTW I will test the driver when I get my raptor back